Collected Works of the Presidential Library

The section features collected scientific works (issued since 2010 as single thematic series) and editions of the documents developed by the experts of the Presidential Library in collaboration with scientific community.

Annual Reports

The section provides reports of the Presidential Library summing up the results of its activities within a year.


The Presidential Library annually releases calendars of different types, which reflect significant events of the Russian history (the origin of Russian statehood, the Time of Troubles, the Great Patirotic War of 1812 and others), thematic collections (“Territory of Russia”) and separate materials from the electronic fund. The publications are grouped by years of release and the chronology of illustrated events.

Творческие конкурсы

Раздел представляет результаты фотоконкурсов, проводимых Президентской библиотекой.

Другие издания

В разделе представлена различная печатная продукция, выпускаемая типографией Президентской библиотеки.