Russian state and the economy of Russia

Russian state and the economy of Russia

With all its antinomies throughout its history, Russia's economic development has been so complex and contradictory that constantly clamed attention of state authorities, becoming the subject of controversy among scientists, state and community leaders. On the occasion of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum the Presidential Library offers recently updated electronic collection of books and archival materials on “The Russian State and Economy” theme.

The collection includes the studies and papers on economy of Russia since the days of its medieval. The materials of collection reflect a development of domestic and foreign trade, a specificity of agricultural and industrial growth of Russia, an activity of state bodies in the sphere of economics and finance, a change in the economic life during the Soviet period, including a period of the Great Patriotic War, and also a current state of the Russian economy.

In a core of the collection are published and unpublished documents of an official nature, statistical collations for various sectors of the economy, as well as the monographs. All submissions are grouped in chronological hierarchy and cover the period from the pre-Petrine Russia to present day.

The digital copies of 369 documents in this collection courtesy of the Russian State Historical Archive, the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Empire, the State Archives of the Russian Federation, the Russian State Library, the Russian National Library, the State Public Historical Library, the Natural Sciences Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Central Navy Library, libraries of the St. Petersburg State Economic University and the Siberian Federal University, the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library, the National Library of the Republic of Buryatia, the Far Eastern State Scientific Library, the Penza Oblast Library, and the Omsk State Scientific Library.

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