Russian state and the economy of Russia

Russian state and the economy of Russia

The economic development of Russia has always been complex and inconsistent which constantly drew the attention of state authorities and became the subject of discussions among scientists, state and public figures. The Presidential Library has prepared and regularly updates the electronic collection of books, archival and visual materials “Russian State and Economy” on the eve of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The collection features the studies and documents on Russian economy since the times of Ancient Rus’. The collection’s materials depict the development of domestic and foreign trade, the specifics of the agrarian and industrial development of Russia, the work of state bodies in the economic and financial spheres, the economic changes during Soviet time, including the time of the Great Patriotic War, as well as the current state of Russian economy and aspects of foreign economic activity.

The collection is based on published and unpublished official documents, statistics digests on various economic fields, scientific research, periodical publications, and visual materials. The presented content is grouped according the chronological order and covers the period from IX century until present day.

The collection includes the digital copies of more than 850 documents kept in the collections of the Russian State Library, the National Library of Russia, the State Public Historical Library, the Russian State Historical Archive, the State Archive of the Russian Federation, the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Empire, the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Library of Natural Sciences of RAS, the Central Navy Library, the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the N. G. Kuznetsov Naval Academy, the Russian Geographical Society, the Library of Congress (USA), the Saint Petersburg State University, the Saint Petersburg State University of Economics, the Ural Federal University, the Kemerovo State University, the Siberian Federal University, the Tyumen Regional Research Library, the Tobolsk Historical and Architectural Museum Reserve, the National Library of Republic of Buryatia, the Moscow Regional State Research Library, the Far Eastern State Research Library, the Belgorod State Universal Research Library, the Vladimir Regional Universal Research Library, the Kemerovo Region Research Library, the Penza Regional Library, the Omsk State Research Library, the State Archive of Amur Region, the State Historical Archive of Chuvash Republic, the Library of Zvyozdny gorodok, the Yulian Semyonov Cultural Foundation, the Children’s Postcard Museum (Tretyakov Gallery) and private collections, as well as the materials from the Official website of the President of Russia, the Official Internet-portal of Legal Information (State Legal Information System), the Federal Protective Service of the Russian Federation.

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