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Internet and Society: The National Library of the Republic of Komi presents the educational project of the Goethe-Institut "Children's Online University"

13 June 2018
On June 6, 2018, the National Library of the Republic of Komi hosted the "KinderUni Live Experiments" holiday, at which the "Children's online university" was presented to the general public - the educational project of the Goethe-Institut for children aged 8-12 years, thanks to which you can learn German, get familiar with Germany and receive a variety of useful information.

World History and Culture: Exhibition "Uzbekistan. At the Crossroads of Cultures” is represented in the Museum of the History of Religion in St. Petersburg

11 June 2018
Exhibition "Uzbekistan. At the crossroads of cultures" was opened in the Museum of the History of Religion in St. Petersburg. It is timed to the publication of the book-album "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the collection of the State Museum of the History of Religion" as part of a large-scale international publishing project "Cultural heritage of Uzbekistan in the world's collections" and for the first time will present the Uzbek museum collection. The exhibition presents only part of the collection - just over 100 items, many of which are exhibited for the first time.

IT and Church: Interactive project «Orthodox Map of Simbirsk Governorate» underway

27 June 2018
Since May 2018 the Ulyanovsk Centralized Library System has been running a project «Orthodox Map of Simbirsk Governorate», which has got grant support of the International Grant Competition «Orthodox Initiative 2017–2018». The project aims to join the efforts with the Russian Orthodox Church to promote the knowledge of orthodox culture on the example of churches and traditions of Simbirsk-Ulyanovsk.

Reading Rooms opening times

5–13 June 2018
June 5, 7, 9 2018 the electronic reading room is closed in connection with a public mass event in the Presidential Library. June 12 is a holiday.

Facts and figures – the Presidential Library is being updated

4 June 2018
"In 2017, the personal composition of the institution has been significantly updated, a large-scale modernization of information systems has been carried out", - we read in the annual report of the Presidential Library, the full version of which is available at https://www.prlib.ru/.

Museums and society: Academic conference “Museum. Restorer. Restoration” underway at the Pushkin Museum -Reserve

19 July 2018
On July 19-20, 2018 the Pushkin Museum-Reserve welcomes specialists to take part in the academic conference “Museum. Restorer. Restoration”, which is timed to coincide with a memorial day of an art historian, restorer, honored art worker of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences - Savely Yamschikov (October 8, 1938, Moscow – July 19, 2009, Pskov).

International seminar on infrastructure development held in Orenburg Region

2 August 2018
The international seminar “Admission and providing service to visitors of specially protected natural areas: infrastructure development”, organized by the “Orenburgsky” State Natural Reserve, was held on August 1, 2018 in the N.K. Krupskaya Regional Research Library in Orenburg. The library provides extensive research coverage of the issues of steppe natural management, landscape, biological and soil diversity.

Legal regulation of the mass media

15 June 2017
The section presents the works covering legal regulation of the media activities: constitutional and legal framework and problems of the media freedom in the Russian Federation, theoretical foundations of the legal regulation of mass communication in the context of the information society development and other aspects of the topic.

The Republic of Kalmykia: pages of history

1 June 2017
Featured collection includes the studies, official documents, statistical, cartographic and audio records of the XIX-XXI centuries, reflecting the political, administrative and socio-economic situation in the territories currently belonging to the Republic of Kalmykia. The effective Steppe Code (Constitution) of the Republic of Kalmykia is presented as well.

Mari El Republic: pages of history

1 June 2017
A selection includes the researches, archival documents, sound recordings, maps, plans, postcards reflecting some aspects of the administrative, socio-political, socio-economic and cultural development of the Mari El Republic and the Mari people of the period of the XVII-XX centuries. A current version of the Constitution of the region is also included.