About the oeuvre of Belinsky

About the oeuvre of Belinsky

In the forties

Чешихин-Ветринский, Василий Евграфович (1866-1923). В сороковых годах. Москва : типо-литография товарищества И. Н. Кушнерев и К°, 1899.

In memory of V. G. Belinsky. An essay on life and work. P. 24-62 [scans 36-73]; Belinsky on theatre. P. 331-357 [scans 343-369].

E [Liz.] And [NAT.] M [Olchalo] VA."V. G. Belinsky - Dramaturgure. Help"

Molchanov Anatoly Evgrafovich (1856-1921), Vice-President of the Russian Theater Society, editor of the magazine "Yearbook of Imperial Theaters", Chairman of the Board of the Russian Society of Shipping Company and Trade.E [Liz.] And [NAT.] M [Olchalo] VA."V. G. Belinsky - Dramaturgure. Help."
Federal State Institution "Russian State Historical Archive"

Reading on the latest Russian literature.Vol.1. 1) Introduction to the history of the latest Russian literature.2) Belinsky.3) Turgenev.4) Goncharov.5) Ostrovsky.6) Nekrasov

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2) V. G. Belinsky. P. 31-57 [scans 35-53].