• Firebird. Paris; Berlin, 1921-1926

    Literary and art illustrated magazine of the Russian emigration. It was published in 1921-1926 in Berlin and Paris (in 1926). Chief editor: Alexander Eduardovich Kogan. Monthly edition. A total of 14 issues were published. Each issue included about 40 large-format pages, with numerous illustrations by artists L. Bakst, A. Benois, I. Bilibin, M. Vrubel, B. Grigoriev, B. Kustodiev, G. Lukomsky, N. Goncharova, N. Roerich, K. Somov, S. Sudeikin, A. Yakovlev, V. Shukhaev. Magazine circulation - about 300 copies. It featured stories, essays, poems, critical articles; illustrated reviews of Russian art life abroad, materials about the Russian theater abroad.

    Presented issues: 1921-1923, 1925, 1926.

  • Magazine for All. Saint-Petersburg, 1895-1906.

    "The Magazine for All" was an illustrated popular monthly edition. It was launched in Saint-Petersburg in 1895 by editor D. A. Gepik. From the end of 1898, it was published by V. S. Mirolyubov, who involved in collaboration with the magazine young writers - Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Leonid Andreev, Vikenty Veresaev, Evgeny Chirikov, Konstantin Balmont, Alexander Khakhanov, and many others. The critical section was edited by Evgeny Soloviev (pen name in "The Magazine for All"- Mirsky) and (since 1904) Alexander Glinka (Volzhsky). Alexander Kizevetter, Dmitry Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky, and others worked in the scientific section. The magazine featured fiction works as well as stories about travels and everyday life of different nations and countries, brief biographies of famous people of the past and present. "The Magazine for All" published popular science articles in humanities and natural sciences. The magazine also had such journalistic sections as Political Review, Domestic Chronicle, From the Life of Peoples in Russia and Abroad. The publication's diversity and low price (1 p. Per year) provided its popularity and mass circulation. In 1906 the magazine was published for the last time (No. 9) after the publication of articles about the strike movement.

    Presented issues: 1899.

  • Journal of manufactures and trade. St. Petersburg, 1825-1860, 1864-1867

    Monthly economic journal was published in St. Petersburg in 1825-1860 and 1864-1867. It was the official body of the Department of Manufactories and Internal Trade of the Ministry of Finance. In 1839-1857 the weekly “Gornozavodskiye and manufactornye news” was also published. In the 1850s the journal was edited by S. I. Lvovsky. In 1861-1863 the journal replaced the magazine "Promyshlennost", which was published twice a month under the editorship of V. I. Strubinsky. In 1864-1866 the journal was published under the same name edited by E. N. Andreeva. Since 1867, instead of the “Journal of Manufactories and Trade”, the “Notes of the Russian Technical Society” was released. The journal included articles of a legislative and regulatory nature on industry, domestic and foreign trade and finance, information on privileges for inventions and articles on technical topics. The journal also covered domestic and foreign industry and trade, a chronicle, published reviews of the state of industry in the provinces and by industry; descriptions of enterprises and agricultural exhibitions; notes on the development of crafts; information about prices, fairs, river navigation and other materials on the history of domestic industry and technology.

    Presented issues: 1836-1841.

  • Magazine of the Ministry of State Property. Saint-Petersburg, 1841-1864.

    The magazine was published by the Ministry of State Property in 1841-1864 in Saint-Petersburg. Since 1865, it was published with the title "Agriculture and Forestry". Monthly magazine. Editors: A. P. Zablotsky-Desyatovsky (since 1841), K. S. Veselovsky (1857), V. P. Bezobrazov (1858), F. A. Batalin (1860-1864). The magazine included the official part which released governmental acts and orders, and the second section, which featured materials on agricultural issues: statistics, the state and agriculture, a bibliography, a review of economic life abroad, an agricultural chronicle, etc.

    Presented issues: 1847, 1851, 1852, 1860-1862.

  • Journal of the Ministry of Public Education. St. Petersburg, 1834-1917.

    Edition of the Ministry of Public Education. It was published in 1834-1917 in St. Petersburg / Petrograd (since 1906 - "Journal of the Ministry of National Education. A new series"). Until 1834, it was published under the names: "Periodical essay on the successes of public education" (1803-1819), "Journal of the Department of Public Education" (1821-1824), "Notes published by the Department of Public Education" (1825-1829). In 1830-1833 the journal was not published. Instead, the compilation "The Collection of resolutions on the Ministry of Public Education from January 1, 1829 to March 21, 1833" was published. Editors: K.S. Serbinovich (1834-1856), A.V. Nikitenko (1856-1860), K.D. Ushinsky (1860-1863), Y.S. Rehnevsky (1863-1867), I.D. Galanin (1867), A.I. Georgievsky (1868-1870), E.M. Feoktistov (1871-1882), L.N. Maikov (1883-1890), V.G. Vasilevsky (1891-1899), E.L. Radlov (1899-1917), P.I. Lebedev-Polyansky (1917). It was published monthly, 3 books / months make up one part (since 1906 – 2 books / months). From part 107 (July) – part 113 (January) 1860-1862, the publication was divided into two parts: the official and unofficial parts, published in separate covers with parallel numbering of parts. From part 113 (February) 1862 the official and unofficial parts of the journal were combined and published in the same cover. Since 1874 The Department of Classical Philology was also published as an independent journal "Collection of articles on Classical Philology". Since 1906, a new series has been published (Part 1 (January) – ). At part 72 in 1917, the publication was discontinued, and the journal "National Enlightenment" was published instead. The journal covered the issues of the state of Russian education, the development of pedagogical and scientific thought, and published government orders on public education. In the unofficial part of the journal, the materials were arranged by departments: "Literature, Science and Art", "News about domestic scientists and educational institutions", "News about foreign scientists and educational institutions", "History of Enlightenment and civic education", "Department of Classical Philology", "Department of Public Education", "News and a mixture of: travel, news of foreign life, journalism, various news", etc. In different years, annexes have been issued to the journal: indexes to the official and unofficial parts of time-based publications of the Ministry of Public Education, alphabetical indexes to the unofficial part of the Journal, indexes of articles placed in the unofficial part of the Journal, a systematic index of all books published in the Russian Empire during the year.

    Presented issue: 1914

  • Magazine of the Ministry of Justice. Saint-Petersburg, 1859-1917.

    Law magazine was published during two periods by the Ministry of Justice in Saint-Petersburg. In the first period (1859-1868), the magazine was edited by A. M. Troitsky. It was a monthly supplement to the "Judicial Herald". From 1869 to 1876, it was entitled: "Judicial Magazine" (1869-1872), "Judicial Magazine, former Magazine of the Ministry of Justice" (1873-1876). In 1877-1893 the magazine was not published. In the second period (1894-1917), the magazine was edited by a famous lawyer and publicist, Professor V. F. Deryuzhinsky. Publication frequency - 10 issues per year. In 1901-1915 the magazine's supplements were: resolutions of the cassation departments of the Governing Senate, books and official materials on selected issues of criminal, administrative, judicial, and international law and legislation.

    Presented issues: 1897-1903.

  • Magazine of Criminal Law and Procedure, published by the Russian Group of the International Union of Criminalists. Saint-Petersburg, 1912-1913.

    The magazine was published by the Russian Group of the International Union of Criminalists in 1912-1913 in Saint-Petersburg. Publication frequency - 4 issues per year. Editor: I. I. Zaitsev. Its authors were: M. N. Gernet, A. A. Zhizhilenko, E. M. Kulisher, P. I. Lublin, V. D. Nabokov, N. N. Polyansky, and M. P. Chubinsky. The magazine published articles about domestic and foreign criminal law and the process. The supplements featured materials of the general meetings of the Russian Group in Saint-Petersburg.

    Presented issues: 1912-1913.