• Hard Labour and Exile. Moscow, 1921-1935.

    Historical and revolutionary magazine, a press organ of the All-Union Society of Former Political Prisoners and Exiled Settlers (former Society of Former Political Prisoners and Exiled Settlers). It was published in 1921-1935 in Moscow. 116 numbers were released. Editors (simultaneously): V. D. Sibiryakov-Vilensky, F. Y. Kon, I. A. Theodorovich. The main sections of the magazine: History of the revolutionary movement in Russia; Penal servitude, Prison, Exile and emigration; Obituaries; Bibliography; Chronicle. The magazine featured research articles, memoirs, archival materials. Among the authors were prominent political figures - B. Kun, D. Z. Manuilsky, A. M. Kollontai. E. M. Yaroslavsky, and others. The magazine involved such historians as Y. V. Gauthier, N. M. Druzhinin, B. P. Kozmin, M. V. Nechkina, A. E. Presnyakov, E. V. Tarle, and others. In 1930-1931 it had a supplement - "Bulletin of the Central Council of the All-Union Society of Political Prisoners and Exiled Settlers".

    Presented issues: 1921, 1923-1926, 1928, 1931-1932, 1935.

  • Karelo-Murmansk Region. Leningrad, 1926-1935.

    Illustrated magazine of local lore and socio-economic issues. It was published in 1926-1935 in Leningrad. Founder and publisher: Council of People's Commissars of the Autonomous Karelian SSR and the Board of the Murmansk Railway (1927-1930), Council of People's Commissars of the Autonomous Karelian SSR (1931-1935). In 1923-1924, it was entitled "Herald of Murman", in 1924-1926 - "Herald of Karelian-Murmansk Region". Monthly edition. The magazine highlighted the problems of studying and exploring natural resources, forestry, fisheries and fur trade, water forces, the economic and cultural development of Karelia and Murman, the problems of transport colonization, everyday life and folklore of Lapland and Murman, and historical and revolutionary life of the North.

    Presented issues: 1935.

  • Kostyor (Bonfire). Moscow-Leningrad, 1936.

    Literary and art magazine for schoolchildren. It was issued from July 1936. Until 1940 (No. 5) it was published in Moscow - Leningrad, beginning from No. 5 in Leningrad / Saint-Petersburg. Monthly edition. From June 1947 to June 1956 it was not published. The magazine was founded by the Publishing House of Children's Literature of the Central Committee of Komsomol. Magazine of the Central Committee of Komsomol, the Union of Writers of the USSR, and the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization. At present, the founders are "Kostyor" Magazine" Ltd., the International Union of Children's Public Associations "SPO-FDO", the Union of Children's Organizations "Young Russia". In different periods, the magazine published works by S. Y. Marshak, K. I. Chukovsky, O. F. Berggolz, J. P. German, E. L. Schwartz, L. V. Uspensky, K. G. Paustovsky, E. I. Charushin, V. V. Bianki, M. M. Zoshchenko, L. Panteleeva, and others.

    Presented issues: 1936-1939, 1942, 1945, 1947.

  • Krasny Sapyor (Red Sapper)

    Handwritten magazine. It was published on the Western, Stalingrad, Bryansk, and Don Fronts.

    Presented issues: 1942 - 1943