• Menshikov Readings. Saint-Petersburg, 2003-.

    Scientific almanac, published since 2003 in Saint-Petersburg by the Prince Alexander Menshikov Foundation. The first issues featured collections of scientific articles. Since 2006 it was more an almanac than the collection of scientific articles. Since 2010 it is a scientific almanac that preserved the previous numbering. Annual magazine. Executive Editor: Doctor of Historical Sciences, Prof. P. A. Krotov. The magazine publishes materials and research on the history of Russia of the XVIII century. The material is systematized into sections: I. Scientific articles; II. Publication of sources III. Reviews; IV. Materials for the biography of A. D. Menshikov.

    Presented issues: 2003-2014.

  • World economy and World Politics. M., 1924-1947.

    A magazine was published by the Institute of World Economy and World Politics (until 1925 - the Section of International Politics of the Communist Academy) in 1924-1947 in Moscow. In 924-1925 it was entitled "International Chronicle". Monthly edition. The magazine issued the supplements: "Yearbook of World Economy and World Politics" (1928-1929) and "Сonjuncture Bulletin" (May 1936-1941, 1947). The magazine highlighted the problems of imperialism, the crisis of the colonial system, etc.

    Presented issues: 1941-1943, 1945.

  • Naval Collection. Saint-Petersburg, 1848-

    The magazine of the Navy. At different times, it was published by the Naval Scientific Committee, the Naval Technical Committee, the Main Naval Headquarters, the Naval General Staff, the press organ of the Naval Directorate of the Red Army, the People’s Commissariat of the Navy of the USSR, the Naval Ministry of the USSR. It was launched in March 1848. Until 1924 it was published in Saint-Petersburg / Petrograd, and from 1924 in Moscow. The current establisher is the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Monthly magazine. Editors (at different times): Chairmen of the Naval Scientific Committee (1848-1860) - B. A. Glazenap, R. K. Skalovsky, P. Y. Lisyansky, V. P. Melnitsky (1860-1866), N. I. Zelenoy (1866-1886), V. A. Kupriyanov, R. V. Zotov, P. A. Mordovin, S. P. Lukashevich, V. E. Egoriev (1919-1930), V. A. Petrovsky, V. A. Alafuzov, S. F. Naida, I. D. Eliseev, G. D. Agafonov, since 1999 - V. V. Ostapenko. The magazine had supplements: in 1861-1911 - "Medical Supplements to the Naval Collection", published by the Office of the Chief Medical Inspector of the Navy, which highlighted the sanitary condition of the Navy; in 1913-1919 - A free supplement to No. ... of the "Naval Collection" (technical articles); in 1916-1918 - "Library of the Naval Collection", monographs of Russian writers and travelers. In 1980, "Naval Collection" was awarded the Order of the Red Star. The magazine consists of two sections - official and unofficial. The official section publishes legal acts of the highest bodies of state power and Naval Command and control bodies. The informal section contains articles on the history, theory, and practice of the Navy, naval legislation, management, education, naval societies, and institutions, development of naval science and technology, shipbuilding, hydrography, hydraulic engineering, navigation, and memoirs of prominent figures of Russian Navy, articles from foreign periodicals of naval subjects and other materials. Among the authors were A. P. Sokolov, S. I. Elagin, F. F. Veseliy, V. F. Golovachev, A. N. Ostrovsky, I. A. Goncharov, N. I. Pirogov, A. F. Pisemsky, V. I. Dahl, K. M. Stanyukovich, K. V. Ushinsky, F. G. Toll, E. V. Putyatin, G. I. Butakov, S. O. Makarov, D. I. Mendeleev, A. N. Krylov, I. A. Shestakov, and others. During the Great Patriotic War and in the post-war years, the magazine published materials on the military operations of the Soviet Navy. At present, the magazine publishes materials on the history of Russian and foreign naval forces, highlights issues of naval equipment and weapons, naval specialists training. It also publishes criticism, and bibliography.

    Presented issues: 1848-1856, 1864-1866, 2011.

  • Moscow Telegraph. - Moscow, 1825-1834.

    Magazine of Literature, Criticism, Science, and Art, published by Nikolai Alekseevich Polev. It was edited in Moscow in 1825-1834. Publication frequency - two times a month. A total of 200 numbers were published (last issue - No. 5, 1834). The magazine featured fiction works, articles on philosophy, history of literature, history, economics, science, biography, and criticism. The material was systematized into sections: Science and Art, Literature, Bibliography and Criticism, News and Mix, Fashion. The magazine edited works of Alexander Pushkin, Vasily Zhukovsky, Yevgeny Baratynsky, Pyotr Vyazemsky, Vasily Odoevsky, Wilhelm Kuchelbecker, Nikolai Yazykov, Fyodor Glinka, Alexander Bashilov, Valerian Olin, and others. Among foreign writers were Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann, Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, Prosper Mérimée, James Fenimore Cooper, Walter Scott, Friedrich Schiller, Alfred de Musset, Benjamin Constant, Alfred de Vigny, and others. The magazine had supplements: "The New Artist of Society and Literature" (1830-1831), "Сamera Obscura of Books and People ”(1832).

    Presented issues: 1829.

  • Murzilka. M., 1924-.

    Literary and art magazine for primary school children. It was launched on May 16, 1924, in Moscow. Monthly edition. Magazine of the Central Committee of the Komsomol and the Central Council of the Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization. In 1990-1992 the founders of the magazine were the labour collective of the magazine "Murzilka", "Molodaya Gvardia" Ltd. and the International Union of Pioneer Organizations - the Federation of Children's Organizations "SPO (FDO)", since 1993 - the Editorial Board of the "Murzilka" magazine. Chief Editors (at different times): N. I. Smirnov, K. A. Maltsev, F. Y. Kon, N. Vengerov, L. A. Kassil, A. V. Mityaev, V. F. Matveev, and others, since 1985 - T. F. Androsenko. The magazine published works by S. Y. Marshak, K. I. Chukovsky, M. M. Prishvin, V. V. Lebedev, E. I. Charushin, A. Barto, K. G. Paustovsky, E. Uspensky, M. Moskvina, V. Lunina, L. Yakhnina, M. Yasnova, and others. The magazine has sections of art, Russian history, nature, school life, children's leisure. It features stories, novels, poems, tales, essays, plays of Russian and foreign children's writers; games, riddles, puzzles, crosswords, coloring books, and others. Since 1992, the magazine has the supplement "Kucha Mala".

    Presented issues: 1930-1932, 1934-1937, 1939, 1940, 1942.