• Ogoniok (Spark). Moscow, 1923-.

    Socio-political and literary and art illustrated magazine. It has been publishing since 1923 in Moscow. Until 1918 it was issued as an illustrated literary and art supplement to the newspaper "Birzhevye Vedomosti" (Stock News) published by S. M. Propper. In 1918, the publication ceased and was resumed by M. E. Koltsov in 1923. Weekly magazine (from 1931 to mid-1941 it was edited every decade - 3 times a month). Chief Editors: M. E. Koltsov (1923-1938), E. P. Petrov, M. Dobrynin (1944), A. A. Surkov (1945-1953), A. V. Sofronov (1953-1986), V. A. Korotich (1986-1991), L. N. Gushchin (1992-1997), V. B. Chernov (1998-2003), V. G. Loshak (2003-2004, 2005-2012), V. O. Vdovin (2004-2005), S. L. Agafonov (since 2012). Publishers: "Mospoligraf" Publishing House (1923-1925), "Ogoniok" Publishing House (1925-1931), Magazine and Newspaper Association (1931-1938), "Pravda" Publishing House (1938-1990), "Ogoniok" Publishing House (1990 -2009), Kommersant Publishing Group (since 2009). In 1925-1991 it published art and journalistic brochures in the series "Library" of "Ogoniok". It also had the following supplements: "Culture - Industry - Trade" (1925), "Exchange News: NTR" (2002-).

    Presented issues: 1941, 1945.

  • Otechestvennye Zapiski (Patriotic Notes) published by Pavel Svinyin. Saint-Petersburg, 1818-1830.

    The magazine was founded in 1818 in Saint-Petersburg as a collection of works by Pavel Svinyin. It was entitled Otechestvennye Zapiski by Pavel Svinyin (1818 - I part, 1819 - II part). In 1820-1830 it was a monthly magazine. The yearbook published materials on Russian history, ethnography, folk craftsmen, poems of folk poets. Among the authors were N. V. Gogol, E. A. Kankrin, M. P. Pogodin, N. A. Polevoy. The magazine featured materials on the Russian industry, ethnography and history, and art. In 1830, a magazine published a "Leaflet for the Fatherland".

    Presented issues: 1821-1822.