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The main focus is on thematic reviews of materials that are dedicated to momentous historical events or prominent figures, as well as presentation of the composition of the Presidential Library’s electronic collections, that may be used in a variety of cultural and educational activities.


Webinars “Providing Access to the Presidential Library’s Resources”

For organizations that are going to connect to the Presidential Library’s resources

Special attention is paid to the differences between access to resources available on the portal and in the Electronic Reading Room, the current state and prospects for development of the regional network of remote access centers. The general overview of the electronic collections and the regional composition; as well as forms of participation in events held by the Presidential Library are considered too.


For organizations connected to the Presidential Library’s resources

The organizational and technological basics of work of centers of remote access to the Presidential Library’s resources are considered in detail: responsibilities of the Electronic Reading Room system’s operator (user registration, statistics module, etc.), the search and interface document presentation, user personal account. Apart from the general overview of the electronic collections’ composition, it details the way the collections may be used to benefit various target groups of users.


To view the broadcast online, please:

  1. email us the name and date of the webinar, as well as the name of your organization (city, region) or remote access center at bibliograf@prlib.ru;
  2. receive the follow-up letter with the instructions for viewing the broadcast;
  3. after viewing the broadcast (on the day of the webinar), inform the data for reporting on the event - the number and composition of participants from the organization at bibliograf@prlib.ru.


The webinars’ timetable for remote access centers is available on our Internet portal.


If necessary, you may participate in the event via videoconference dialogue (you may choose from Video Conference or WebEx):

 Video Conference Technical requirements.pdf

 WebEx Technical requirements.pdf

 Application form.docx


To participate in the video-conference, organizations need to send application forms no later than 2 days before the event.

The timetable of webinar conferences for centers of remote access is available on our portal.

To get access to videos of past webinars please email your applications to bibliograf@prlib.ru.