Recent collections

Recent collections

Nikolai Danilevsky (1822-1885)

The collection is dedicated to Nikolai Danilevsky, a Russian philosopher, sociologist, biologist, and ideologist of Pan-Slavism, who authored the seminal work "Russia and Europe". The collection contains the works of this renowned scholar, as well as his correspondence, research materials, journalistic writings, abstracts from dissertations, and video lectures on his life and work.

St. Petersburg State University

To mark the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg State University, the Presidential Library has prepared a special collection that celebrates not only the main stages of the university's founding, but also the history of its organization and certain aspects of its scientific and educational activities throughout its history. The collection includes official and statutory documents, historical notes and memoirs of contemporaries, monographs and abstracts, archival files, as well as periodicals of the university and visual materials.

Obukhov Plant: from the history of the formation of domestic industry

The Сollection contains materials covering the main stages of the history of the creation and activity of the Obukhov plant in St. Petersburg from the XIX century to the present. The Collection includes official documents, archival files from the holdings of the Council of Ministers (1905-1917), the holdings of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and others, monographies, letters, resolutions, etc., as well as pictorial and cartographic materials.

Youth in Russia: the Past and the Present

The collection reveals the history of relations between the state and youth in Russia. Supporting young people in their desire for creative activity, taking into account their needs and interests, has been one of the priorities of the authorities in Russia at all times.