Editorial and publishing activities

The main direction of the editorial and publishing activity of the Presidential Library is the publication of editions devoted to the history of Russia, theory, history and practice of Russian law, the promotion of national cultural heritage in the electronic environment. In addition to collections of scientific papers which are published both in separate editions and in thematic series, methodical literature for libraries, the illustrated books, various representative products - booklets, posters, calendars, postcards are also published.

On the basis of the publishing and printing complex of the Presidential Library, which includes its own printing house, the publishing projects of its partners and individual authors are realized, a full cycle of production of printed products - from design to the receipt of a finished print run -  is carried out.

Released printed products are presented on the portal of the library in the Publications section. Some of the publications are available for free copying in PDF format.


“The Publishing and Printing Complex” video


On issues of ordering and purchasing publications, you can contact the editorial and publishing department:

Telephone: +7 (812) 305-16-29

E-mail: rio@prlib.ru