Electronic Reading Room

Electronic Reading Room is intended for providing access to information resources of the Presidential Library and rendering information bibliographical services and services assistance on basis of modern computer technologies.

The Electronic Reading Room includes:

  • 60 workplaces with computers for readers;
  • readers’ registration office, that registers the users , issues demonstration and nominal electronic library tickets;
  • consulting office, that provides information services and extra service aid;
  • information bibliographical office, that advises users on the questions of thematic, factual and other kind of record retrieval.

The access procedure

Users can access the information resources of the Presidential Library Electronic Reading Rooms by means of the electronic library ticket - the electronic card with all the necessary information for providing the access.

A familiarization visit, providing an opportunity to access electronic resources of the Presidential library within a single visit, is offered on the basis of identity documents (a passport or any other documents recognized as those by the Russian Federation legislation) and a filled patron’s form.

Electronic library ticket is not a pass to enter the Presidential Library; it is intended for the following:


  • allows to obtain an electronic pass for one occasion at the Pass Office in order to enter the Presidential Library and the Electronic Reading Room;
  • is a key activating relevant rights to access information resources and services.

Electronic library tickets can be:

  • demonstration (demo), meant for getting acquaintance with the Presidential Library’s information resources and providing the users with one visit access to the resources of the Electronic Reading Rooms;
  • nominal, containing the reader’s personal identification information.

Personal electronic library ticket gives the right to its owner to work with resources of the Electronic Reading Rooms, and also visit open events taking place in media, conference and exhibition halls if there are vacant seats and if the owner has registered in advance.

Nominal library ticket can be of 2 types:

  • nominal regular (valid for 5 years);
  • nominal temporary (is given for a certain period of time less than 5 years).

The Electronic library ticket is issued in accordance with the Regulations of registration in the Presidential Library Electronic Reading Room.

Opening hours

The Electronic Reading Rooms are opened : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00 except holidays and cleanup days. Cleanup days are: the last Tuesday of the month and the last 3 days of December. Visitors of the Electronic Reading Room are allowed from 11:00 to 18:00. The admission to the building of the Library is from 11:00 to 18:30, readers should leave the building of the Presidential Library not later than 19:15.

The access to the building of the Presidential Library can be limited due to mass social-cultural and official events. The information about any changes in Library’s opening hours can be found either on the Internet – on Presidential Library portal, at service offices or on the Presidential Library’s front entrance, where it is always displayed in advance.

Provided services

At present visitors of the Electronic Reading Rooms can get the following services:

  • use computers and software of the Electronic Reading Rooms for getting access to information resources of the Presidential Library;
  • get information about the content of information resources, that form the electronic fund;
  • get information about the Electronic Reading Rooms opening hours, upcoming open events etc.;
  • place bookmarks into books and run them from the private office;
  • use one’s hardware off-line (without connecting to the Presidential Library network) for making notes without transferring and photographing the information resources of the Presidential Library;
  • visit open free of charge exhibitions and information training events, organized by the Presidential Library;
  • get the advice on basics and principles of record retrieval;
  • Use external databases.


Electronic Reading Room contact information

Phone:(812) 305-16-31


For registration, electronic reading room services, Information and Bibliographic service - reference@prlib.ru