System requirements

System Requirements

To work with the Presidential Library website your computer has to meet the system requirements of the current versions of the recommended browsers.


Recommended Browsers

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.

To work with the Presidential Library website always use the latest version of one of the recommended browsers that contain the latest security updates and allow you as quick as possible displaying web pages.

Outdated versions of browsers and mobile versions of browsers of user OS are compatible to a limited extent.


For Organizations

Connecting to the resources of the electronic reading room.


To participate in the video-conferencing mode:

  1. Select the format:
    • using video-conferencing mode;
    • using WebEx;
    • viewing the closed broadcast on the Internet portal (you need to create user’s account on the portal, the viewing is carried out by the provided link to the broadcast).
  2. After familiarization with technical requirements, please, fill out the application form:
  3. Please, send the application form to the event organizer’s address for further instructions.