Последние коллекции

Последние коллекции

Petersburg tram

The collection dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the launch of the first electric tram in St. Petersburg includes plans, drawings, archival materials, newspaper articles covering the history of the development of the tramway in St. Petersburg, the technical arrangement of wagons, parks and tracks, the participation of tram workers in the strike movement, functioning of the tram in besieged Leningrad; photographs depicting the expositions of the Museum of Urban Electric Transport are also presented.


The collection includes publications of the Archaeographic Commission (1836—1931), amassed basing on the analysis of bibliographic indexes and stocks of the major Russian libraries. These documents have not lost their relevance and scientific value until now, taking into account that many sources were published only in the editions of the Archaeographic Commission.

Natural wealth of Russia

The collection, timed to coincide with the 2017 Year of Ecology in Russia, includes the legislative testaments on the protection of natural resources; documents on the history, theory and practice of forestry management, water and soil resources consumption; materials on the history of nature reserves; the "Red Books" of the constituent subjects of the Russian Federation; the research works of the atmosphere and climate, as well as an influence of the environment on human life; some materials on the environmental education and periodicals.


Shortly before the 100th anniversary of the 1917-year Revolution the Presidential Library implements a project dedicated to this memorable date. Throughout the 2017th the array of documental sources consistently revealing the course of events will be weekly updated. At the end of 2017 a special collection will be prepared on the basis of these selections. The thematic selections will include the documents of various types and forms − the books, periodicals, photographs, flyers, newsreels, etc. The documents of the Russian State Historical Archive and the State Archive of the Russian Federation will form a major array of sources.