Recent collections

Recent collections

The State Hermitage Museum

The collection, which is built up ahead of the 255th anniversary of the State Hermitage Museum, contains publications on the history of the museum and its art collection; archival materials, which spotlight the history of the development of the Hermitage collection throughout the 19th century, the museum staff, the institution’s publishing activities and other issues; visual materials (postcards and photographs with views of the Hermitage buildings, its halls and collections; a documentary film about the museum and historical newsreel footage.

St. Petersburg Bridges

The collection, which is dedicated to bridges of St. Petersburg, contains cartographic materials (bridge design drawings, drawings of their parts, plans of the city, which show the location of bridges), visual materials (photographs and postcards with views of bridges, bridge structures, construction and restoration of bridges), archival papers on the allocation of funds for the maintenance of bridges and other documents.

The Year of Theatre in Russia

The collection, which is dedicated to the Year of the Theatre in Russia, includes official documents, archival materials, studies, periodicals, visual and audiovisual resources, which spotlight different aspects of the development of theatre in our country: from the origins of the theatre in pre-Petrine Rus’ to the present-day searches for new forms and genres. Of particular interest are sections devoted to different theatres, as well as actors, directors and other theatre professionals.

Alexander Radishchev (1749–1802)

The collection, which is built up ahead of the 270th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Radishchev, contains his writings, studies focused on the writer’s life and work, and materials intended to perpetuate his memory.

Russia – Greece: The History of Relations

The collection features nineteenth- and twentieth-century research studies, works of Greek scholars and theologians, archival materials, contemporary official documents, which spotlight the history of Christianity in Greece, the development of the Greek language, the geographical position of the country, as well as close historical, cultural and diplomatic relations between Russia and Greece from the 10th century to the present time.