Recent collections

Recent collections

Youth in Russia: the Past and the Present

The collection reveals the history of relations between the state and youth in Russia. Supporting young people in their desire for creative activity, taking into account their needs and interests, has been one of the priorities of the authorities in Russia at all times.

Coal generals of Kuzbass

The collection - a project of the Kemerovo Regional Center of the Presidential Library - includes digital copies of archival materials, museum documents and objects, articles from periodicals and photographs revealing the main stages of life, professional and social activities of three famous organizers of the coal production of Kuzbass of the 20th century - V. P. Romanov, V. G. Kozhevin, M. I. Naidov.

Zemsky Sobors in the history of Russian statehood

The collection consists of such archival sources as official acts of all Moscow Zemsky Sobors of the 16th – 17th centuries, letters, petitions, as well as monographs, reviews, and other materials on the study of this issue in Russian and Soviet historical science.

City of Pskov

The collection marks the 1120th anniversary of the foundation and the main historical stages in the development of the city of Pskov. It includes official and archival documents (documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Education, diplomatic correspondence, etc.), periodicals, modern and pre-revolutionary monographic studies, thesis, cartographic (plans, projects, etc.) as well as visual materials.