Recent collections

Recent collections

Daniil Granin (1919–2017)

The collection devoted to the centenary of the birth of Daniil Granin - classic writer of modern Russian literature, Honorary Citizen of St. Petersburg, laureate of literary and state awards, consists of photographic materials, which cast light on his public activities, photographs from the presentation of “A Stranger’s Diary” book, and a documentary film, in which the writer recalled past years paying particular attention to the wartime.

Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture

The collection, built up ahead of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture includes unique archival and visual materials, provided by the educational institution, which cast light on the history of its long-standing effective work of training specialists in the field of culture and arts.


The collection includes publications of foreigners dedicated to Russia during 10th – 19th cc. - memoirs, diaries, reports, accounts and other documents, which represent the most important sources of social history of Russia and give an insight into the Russian society from foreigner perspective. Apart from works of foreigners, the collection features pre-revolutionary, Soviet and modern studies, materials of scientific collections, reprinted maps and plans.


The collection covers key events of 1918: from the convocation and dissolution of the Constituent Assembly to the seizure of power by A. V. Kolchak in Omsk, the annulment of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk after the beginning of the revolution in Germany and the signing of the Compiègne Armistice, which ended the fighting during the World War I. The material is presented in thematic sections arranged in chronological order. The collection includes archival materials, research documents, sources of personal origin, photographs, postcards and newsreels.

The Year of Volunteers in Russia

The collection is built up of official documents, studies, reports of voluntary societies, archival papers and photographs that cast light on various stages of development of the volunteer movement in Russia.