Territory of Russia

Territory of Russia

Russian Federation is the largest state in the world in respect of the territory it occupies which had been forming for many centuries. The subject matter related to the history of formation of the territory of our country and its current state is priority for the Presidential Library.

The Presidential Library has prepared an electronic collection including scientific, popular science and educational editions, archival documents, maps, documentary film and photo which describe the national territory from different aspects and in different historical periods.

The core of the collection is represented by the documents of pre-revolutionary period as well as the publications issued before 1940. In future its chronological framework will be expanded to include modern publications. The collection contains a significant number of materials not only on the territory of the modern Russia, but also on the territories of the neighboring countries which once formed a single state with Russia in the period of the Russian Empire before 1917 as well as during the Soviet age. The scope of the documents is divided into various topics supplied with brief summaries. Each topic begins with general materials. Other documents are arranged in accordance with logic structure of the topic: in alphabetic order, in order of place names or in direct chronology of the events.

By the Day of Knowledge a part of the collection, which will be progressively developed, will be already available for the visitors of the Electronic Reading Rooms and Internet portal.

The following institutions contributed to the collection development: Altai Regional Universal Library n. a. V. Ya. Shishkov, Belgorod State Universal Scientific Library, Library of Congress, Vladimir Regional Universal Scientific Library n. a. M. Gorky, Research Information Institute - Fundamental Library of the Far East State University , Irkutsk Regional Universal Scientific Library n. a. I. I. Molchanov-Sibirskii, The National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine. Omsk State Regional Scientific Library n. a. A. S. Pushkin , Penza Regional Library n. a. M. Yu. Lermontov, The Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive, Russian State Historical Archive, Tver Regional Universal Scientific Library n. a. A. M. Gorky, Central Naval Library, Central Scientific Library under the Academy of Science of Tajikistan Republic