Sightseeing and thematic tours


The Presidential Library provides collective sightseeing tours through the library building, including multimedia complex, conference hall, electronic reading room, exhibition halls, and thematic excursions to temporary exhibitions.

Excursions through the Presidential Library are held for a wide audience, including pupils of secondary, special and vocational education in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region daily, except Sundays and holidays, from 9 am to 6 pm. Groups of  pupils of senior and middle-aged (grades 5-11).

To sign up for the excursion is possible according to preliminary requests.


For organized groups:

Please, forward a letter with signature and corporate seal to arrange an event (name, format, dates) to acting Director General of the Presidential Library Pavel Tereshchenko. The letter should be sent by fax 305-16-25, or in a scanned form by e-mail info@prlib.ru.


For individual visitors:

You can choose one way to register for a tour:

1. Electronic registration

2. Fill up the Form to enter the Presidential Library building (St. Petersburg, Senatskaya Square, 3)

As the group is formed according to requests, the staff of the excursion-methodological group of the Presidential Library invites all comers to the excursion.

Entering the building is carried out only upon showing a passport.

We draw your attention to the fact that during the period of mass cultural and official events, an access to the Presidential Library can be restricted, about which the staff of the excursion group will inform you in advance.


To have information on the organization of excursions, please contact the scientific and educational department.

Phone: +7 (812) 334-25-14

E-mail: excursion@prlib.ru


Educational tours

Educational tour of the collection “The Russian language”



10,000 people visited the Presidential Library in 2019. They are schoolchildren from schools of St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia, students and cadets of secondary special and higher educational institutions, people with disabilities, pensioners, veterans, residents and guests of St. Petersburg from various regions of Russia and foreign countries. The tours were held for participants of the events at the Presidential Library, the guests of honor and partners of the institution in various areas of activity.

In 2019, the Presidential Library carried out its joint work with its partner “The All-Russian Society for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture”. Thanks to this cooperation, the number of Open City project participants who visited the institution with excursions increased. Thus, the Presidential Library provided preservation of the historic interiors of the Synod building and revealed the features of large-scale reconstruction and restoration of the building.

Traditionally, excursions in the Presidential Library have become part of the cultural program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - the events, held annually in the Presidential Library - the Knowledge Forum, the Arctic Conference Day, the Cosmonautics Day Conference, as well as various large-scale and major events held in the walls of the Presidential Library in 2019 (Congress of Teachers of Indigenous Minorities of the North, International Municipal Forum of the BRICS Countries, etc.).

In 2019, the Presidential Library provided and held a research workshop for 11 groups of students of St. Petersburg University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. A series of career guidance excursions took place for senior pupils. They  got the opportunity to learn about the professions necessary for the successful functioning of the national electronic library. Schoolchildren and teachers noted the importance of the information obtained during the tour to further determination of the profession.

In 2019, the cooperation with travel agencies of St. Petersburg, including new partners (Eden-Tour, BeHappyRussia, Antalya, Peter Guide), as well as individuals wishing to visit the Presidential Library regardless of any organizations and institutions, continued.



11,000 attendees, including pupils from schools of Russia, students and cadets of secondary special and higher educational institutions, people with disabilities, retirees, veterans, residents and guests of St. Petersburg from various regions of Russia and abroad visited the Presidential Library in 2018.

A virtual tour of the Synod building has been implemented and posted on the Internet portal based on the materials of the excursion, allowing anyone to remotely “visit” the Presidential Library.

An educative tour is regularly held for pupils and teachers of secondary schools, which makes it possible to focus on educational projects of the Presidential Library (multimedia lessons,  “Knowledge of Russia” video lectures, “Russia in the Electronic World” Olympiad).

As part of the cooperation with travel companies the Presidential Library has been visited by groups of residents of St. Petersburg and guests from various regions of Russia and abroad.