Multimedia lessons

General Information

Multimedia lessons are an educational project of the Presidential Library aimed at strengthening the knowledge acquired at school through an in-depth study of historical events, phenomena and personalities as well as the features of the Russian legal system.

Multimedia lessons allow integrating the resources of a modern electronic library and its capabilities into the educational process through the disclosure of documents dedicated to important events in the history of Russia and the formation of its statehood. The use of multimedia technologies also makes it possible to make the learning process more interesting, interactive and as productive as possible.

The main objectives of multimedia lessons include developing interest in the historical heritage of Russia among the younger generation through reference to historical sources and scientific literature. During the lessons, schoolchildren learn about rare documents from different eras, learn to examine them, summarize the material, form their own opinions, and work in a group.

Information about current multimedia lessons held at the Presidential Library is available in the information booklet.


How to sign up for a multimedia lesson

Classes are held free of charge. Detailed information about multimedia lessons is available by calling +7 (812) 305-16-51 or emailing

Entry form with the signature and seal of the organization should be sent to Director General of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library Yury Stanislavovich Nosov. The form is sent by fax 305-16-25, or in a scanned form by e-mail The application must be submitted no later than five working days before the expected date of the lesson. Please note that access to the Presidential Library building is carried out only upon showing the lists with passport data of students and accompanying persons, submitted strictly according to the form no later than 2 working days before the date of the lesson. The form will be provided by specialists from the scientific and educational department after receiving the application and confirming the date of the lesson.


Methodological materials for multimedia lessons at the Presidential Library