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The project "Multimedia Lessons of the Presidential Library" was launched on December 2013. During 2013-2017 more than 20,000 students from institutions of secondary (full) general and secondary vocational education attended the lessons.

Such lessons allow to integrate the resources of the modern electronic library and its capabilities in the educational process through the disclosure by methodical means on a multimedia basis of documents devoted to important events in the history of Russia and the formation of its statehood. Using multimedia technologies also makes the learning process more interesting, interactive and maximally productive.

The main tasks of multimedia lessons include the formation of a deepening interest in the historical heritage of Russia through the appeal to historical sources and scientific literature on the topic of interest to them. Students during the lessons have the opportunity to get familiar with rare documents of different eras, improve the skills of their analysis, the ability to generalize the material, express their opinion, work in a group.

Current information on multimedia lessons is available here.

Lessons are free. For more detailed information on the project and applications for participation in multimedia lessons please call +7 (812) 305-16-51 or send an e-mail to



News Line

14 October 2019

The Presidential Library devoted a series of multimedia lessons “The Science of Winning” to Alexander Suvorov

16 January 2019

New series of multimedia lessons of the Presidential Library is dedicated to the great feat of Leningrad

1 September 2018

Schoolchildren will be told about basic law of Russia in the Presidential Library

21 February 2018

The new cycle of multimedia lessons of the Presidential Library will reveal the history of the Moscow Kremlin

16 August 2017

Since September 2017 the Presidential Library launches the Ecology Lesson

1 March 2017

The schoolchildren will be told about the basics of the legal legislation in Russia in the Presidential Library

5 September 2016

The schoolchildren will be told about the state symbols of the country in the Presidential Library

29 March 2016

Young voters are awaited for in the Presidential Library

18 November 2015

The Presidential Library will prepare multimedia lessons on the electoral law  

15 October 2015

Multimedia lessons of the Presidential Library will be available for schoolchildren from all regions of Russia

28 September 2015

The new multimedia lessons of the Presidential Library will be dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the Decembrist uprising

3 February 2015

Letters of the XIX century: multimedia lessons for the Year of Literature

6 February 2015

In the Year of Literature, the Presidential Library started holding multimedia lessons and opened exhibition

16 February 2015

Open literature lesson was appreciated by teachers of the Leningrad region

19 February 2015

The Presidential Library resources will be actively used in schools

20 February 2015

The Presidential Library invites schoolchildren to multimedia literature lessons

13 December 2014

The Presidential Library hosts an exhibition and multimedia "Constitution lessons"