Россия и страны мира

Россия и страны мира

Russia – Armenia: The History of Relations

The history of political and economic relations between Russia and Armenia dates back to the time of Kievan Rus’. During 19th–20th cc. Armenia was a part of the Russian Empire (Erivan Governorate), and later a constituent republic of the USSR (the Armenian SSR). The year 1992 marked the beginning of a new stage – diplomatic relations. The collection features official documents, studies, reference books, archival papers and visual materials, which cast light on diplomatic, military, legal, educational, cultural etc. cooperation between Armenia and Russia.

Russia – Malaysia: From the History of Relations

Presented research works and official documents provide insights into the geography and history of Malaysia, and shed light on diplomatic relations between Russia and Malaysia from late 20th century to the present day.

Russia – Qatar: From the History of Relations

The collection features scientific research into geography and history of Arabia along with official diplomatic documents, which give an insight into relations between Russia, Qatar and the Arab League in the modern history.

Russia – Sweden: from the history of relationship

The archival documents, rare book editions, cartographic and graphic materials, included in the collection, give an idea of the state and territorial structure of Sweden, its noble families closely associated with Russia, as well as cover the history of the relationship between Russia and Sweden, the two important powers of the Northern region, from XXIII to XXI centuries.

Russia – Switzerland: from the history of relationship. To the World Economic Forum in Davos

Russia and Switzerland are associated with long-term political, economic and cultural relations lasting more than three centuries. Natives of Switzerland made a significant contribution to the development of Russian science, art and military affairs. The collection dedicated to bilateral relations includes official documents, studies, archival and visual materials, periodicals covering the state structure and history of Switzerland, the life and work of its famous natives, certain aspects of the relationship between Russia and Switzerland in the period of the XVII-XXI centuries, and also documents that reveal the importance of Switzerland as a place of acceptance of acts of international importance.

Russia – Vietnam: from the history of relationship

The collection includes publications on the history of the Vietnamese people, the work of Russian and Vietnamese researchers, revealing the internal and external economic development of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, as well as documents highlighting certain aspects of Russian-Vietnamese relations.

Russia – Austria: from the history of relations

Current selection includes the official documents, archival materials and research works reviewing diplomatic, military, cultural and economic Austria-Russia affairs in historical periods from the 17th century to the present time.

Russia – Bulgaria: from the history of relationship

The selection of official documents, archives, studies and other materials covers the socio-political and cultural development of Bulgaria and certain issues of relationship between Bulgaria and Russia in different historical periods.

Russia – Azerbaijan: The History of Relations

The most part of the following materials is represented by archival documents that illustrate various aspects of the policy pursued by the Russian Empire towards Baku Governorate in the early 20th c. Materials turn readers’ attention to diplomatic, military, transport, production and technical, economic, educational, religious and other issues of common history of peoples of Azerbaijan and Russia.

Belarus: from the history of brotherly people

For many centuries the history of Belarus has been inseparably linked with the history of Russia. Various aspects of life of this country between 16th and early 20th c. have been reflected in official documents, historical and legal editions, religious literature, essays, memoirs, ethnographic collections, as well as visual and cartographic materials brought together in the collection.

Russia – Great Britain: on the history of relations

Relations between Russia and Great Britain have always had a significant impact on the course of the world history. The studies, essays, official documents and photographs of the selection reveal the history of development of the relations, beginning from the 16th century to the mid 20th century. The selection also includes some legislative acts of the two states and materials on the history of the English church.

Russia – Hungary: From the History of Relations

The collection features some legislative acts, official documents and other materials that characterize the administrative state and economic structure of Hungary (including the period when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire), as well as some aspects of its relations with Russia.

Russia – Germany: from the history of relationship

The proposed studies, essays, archive materials and collections of documents reflect separate pages of the history of Germany, dating back to the IX century, as well as the longstanding history of diplomatic, military, economic and cultural ties between Russia and Germany from the middle of the XVII century to the present day.

Russia − Bavaria: From the History of Relations

The collection includes reference materials, research, archival documents and photographs, which turn the spotlight on Bavaria and the history of Russian-Bavarian relations between 18th - beg. 21st cc.

Russia – Spain: historical features

The selection includes the materials on geography, history, public education in the 19th century Spain, documents reflecting certain aspects of diplomatic and trade relations between Russia and Spain, as well as cultural contacts of the two countries.

Russia – Italy: time travel

The presented researches, collected documents, travelers’ notes and photographs reveal geography, history and culture of Italy, the history of Russian-Italian diplomatic relations from the 16th century and with the Italian campaign of Suvorov in 1799.

Russia – Kazakhstan: from the history of relations

Kazakhstan is one of the largest countries in Asia, located at the crossroads of the Eurasian continent. The featured statistical materials, studies, essays, archival documents, photographs and newsreels reveal the geography, ethnography, economics, cultural development, and administrative-territorial division of Kazakhstan in the 15th - early 20th centuries, including the period of its being part of the Russian state.

Kirghizia: geography, ethnography, history

The collection includes researches, essays, archival and cartographic documents of 19th - early 20th centuries which treat of the period when Kirghizia had been a part of the Russian State.

Russia — China: on the history of relations

The collection contains digital copies of documents of various types (book editions, archival, graphic, cartographic materials), reflecting the history of relations of Russia with its most important partner in the Far East — China. The collected documents let us look at these relations through the prism of diplomatic affairs, economic, scientific and cultural cooperation for several centuries.

Russia – Korea: from the history of relations

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea are strategic partners in the Far East. The collection includes research works, essays, archival documents and photographs that reflect certain aspects of bilateral relations in different historical periods. Special attention is given to the subject of resettlement of Koreans to the Far East of the Russian Empire in the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries

Russia – Moldova: to the history of relationship

The presented statistical materials, researches, essays, archival documents and newsreel fragments of the early 19th - mid 20th century reveal the geography, military history, administrative-territorial structure, legal system and ethnography of Moldavia – Bessarabia in the period when it was a part of the same state as Russia.

Russia – Mongolia: from the history of relations

The collection includes studies, sketches, archival and other materials reflecting some aspects of life in Mongolia, as well as the history of diplomatic, military and economic relations between Russia and Mongolia in the period of the 13th – 21st centuries.

Russia – Romania: from the history of relationship

The set of archive files, books and other materials covering social and political situation in Romania and the specific issues of economic relations between Romania and Russia of the late 19th - mid 20th century.

Russia – USA: From the History of Relations

The relations between the two countries, which arose at the time of the formation of American statehood, and were based on close economic and political partnership, actively developed in the 19th - early 20th centuries. The culmination of cooperation between the two great powers was their allied efforts during the World War II. The selected materials of the late 18th - mid 20th century reveal different aspects of Russian-American relations.

Tadzhikistan: geography, ethnography, history

The selection includes geographical essays and ethnographical researches dating the period when Tadzhikistan was a part of the Russian Empire, as well as photographs and newsreel treating of Pamir expeditions of 20s - 30s of the last century.

Russia and Turkey: pages of history

Historically, relations between Russia and Turkey, two key Eurasian states, have always been controversial. The proposed collection presents studies, essays, official documents on the development of diplomatic, military and economic ties between Russia and Turkey during the late 15th - early 20th centuries.

Russia – Uzbekistan: from the history of relations

Uzbekistan - a country with a rich historical and cultural past. The selected research works, essays, archival documents and photo materials disclose the geography, history of administrative structure, cultural and economical development of certain cities and regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, mostly during the time they were part of the Russian Empire.

Russia – Ukraine: From the history of relationship

Historical fates of Russia and Ukraine have always been inextricably linked. The presented studies, essays, chronicles, archival documents and graphic materials reveal the administrative, socio-economic, socio-political and cultural development of Ukraine, starting from the time of Kievan Rus' and ending with a period of annexation of Ukrainian provinces to the Russian Empire.

Russia - Finland: from the history of relations

The collection includes books, archival documents and photographs unveiling geographical, economical and legal state of the Grand Duchy of Finland as a part of the Russian Empire in 19th - early 20th century.

Russia – France: on the history of relations

The collection consists of official documents, archival materials and studies that reveal certain aspects of the history of the state of France, as well as the diplomatic, cultural, scientific and the economic relations between France and Russia in different historical periods.

Russia − Czech Republic: From the History of Relations

During the European history the paths of two countries, Russia and Czech Republic, have repeatedly crossed. The selection includes research works, essays, official documents and photos which reveal certain aspects of life of the Czech Republic and its relations with Russia in the period of 13th - 21th centuries.

Russia – South Africa: from the history of relations

The selection presents official documents, video recordings, reference books, archival works and studies, telling about the structure of territories, currently belonging to the Republic of South Africa, as well as reflecting certain aspects of relations between Russia and South Africa, including the partnership in the framework of the BRICS.

Russia and Countries of the World. The Pacific Rim

In 2012 Russia will first host “The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)” Forum. XXIV annual meeting of the leaders of APEC countries will take place in Vladivostok, 1 – 8 September. To mark the event the Presidential Library has developed a special digital collection including the materials that reflect the relations between the APEC and the Russian Federation which has been a member of the APEC since 1998, as well as the history of international relations in the Pacific Rim.

The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO)

The selection includes digital copies of official documents (federal laws, decrees and orders of the President of the Russian Federation) and individual studies relating to the accomplishments of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), as well as addressing issues of national and collective security in general.