Zlatoust State Drama Theater "Omnibus."A scene from the play "On the high road" of dramatic sketches in one act by Anton Chekhov


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Nakoryakov, Vladimir (1944)Zlatoust State Drama Theater "Omnibus" A scene from the play "On the high road" of dramatic sketches in one act by AP Chekhov: [picture] / photo VN Nakoryakov - Electronic image data (1 file, JPEG: 0,3 MB) -Zlatoust, 5 December 2014 -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryTitle of the accompanying documentPhoto provided by Zlatoust State Drama Theater "Omnibus"In the photo: Scene from: AP Chekhov "on the high road" Drama in the first action of 18+ Director: Honored Artist of Russia BS Gorbachev Recording made during the play on the Small Stage of the "Sphere" ZGDT "Omnibus"Premiere on 3 March 2015users are not permitted to copyZlatoust State Drama Theater "Omnibus" was created in 1920, first staging - a comedy "Forest" AN Ostrovsky (director NV Taranov) From 1928 - Theater named X-anniversary of October in 1930, along with a drama intheater present opera, ballet and musical buffoonery early WWII theater was closed, part actors left at the front end of the war has been formed a new company and theater continued work plays of classical and modern authors (M Bitter, AN Ostrovsky, AP Chekhov, A Korniychuk, to Simon, the Leone LAnd stem, etc.) from 1991 g - theater "Omnibus" (from Latin omnibus) is a former "Small Arsenal" (pl 3 International, d 2) in different years theater headed directors: in Barsky A Cherkasov, E Gurjev, A Gerenburg P Romanovsky, M Lothar E Simonyan, in the cell-pellet, Yu Fekete, M Fields in 1991, the play "Three sisters" AP Chekhov directed by M Polyakov was awarded the State Prize of the Russian FederationI "Omnibus" Zlatoustovskiy teatr1 state drama "Omnibus" Zlatoustovskiy State Drama Theater - Arm - Photo 2 Chekhov, Anton (1860-1904) "on the high road" - Arm - Photo 3 area (collection) 4Russian territory: Chelyabinsk region (collection) of 5 people (collection) 6 Year theater in Russia (collection) 7 AP Chekhov (collection) 8 Documentary photosLBC 633 (2Ros-4Chel) 64-7ya611LBC 853343 (2 = 4112) 64ya611electronic copy Source: Zlatoust State Drama Theater "Omnibus" (Chelyabinsk region)The storage location of the original: Zlatoust State Drama Theater "Omnibus" (Chelyabinsk region)
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