The living antiquity. Year 25

The Living Antiquity: [period. ed. ord. ethnography Imperat. Rus. geogr. islands]  .- [St. Petersburg], Petrograd: [b. and.], [1900]
Year 25 .- Ad. № 4 .- Petrograd, 1916.-26 p. .- Contents: My mistakes in collecting and recording folk tales / N. Kozyrev (p.1-4.); From the Cossack-Kyrgyz materials M. Chokaeva / A. Samoilovich (pp. 5-7.); Birch bark and products from it at Ostyaks r. Vakha / G. Dmitriev-Sadovnikov (p. 8-14.); The Yakut materials collected in 1883-1897. (Continuation) / N. Vitashevsky (p. 15-23.); Program for collecting information on alcoholic beverages among non-Russians / DP Nikolsky (pages 24-26.) .
ББК 63.5
Source: Tyumen BSS
Storage: KF 63.5 1302210
Publisher [б. и.]
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