The decree of His Majesty the emperor and autocrat of the All-Russian

      Russia. The Emperor  (1682-1725, Peter I).
The decree of His Majesty the Emperor and the autocrat of the All-Russia: [On non-existence of judges at the hearing and the completion of their relatives' affairs]. - [Moscow]: Printed at the Moscow Printing House, May 20, 1724. - 1 p. - To the right of M.P .: The original decree for the signing of his Imperial Majesty own hand. - The set size is 105x146 mm. - The text begins with the words: If they start listening to the case, then the judge will have to be an inherent judge of such things, which are up to grandchildren, and so the weight goes ... - The decree of Peter I of 25 October. 1723 - Ver. The decree is given on the CSP (T.7 No. 4338). - SK 1708-1725 .
1. Power (collection). 2. Judges - Withdrawal - Russia - Legal acts. 3. Highest ordinances.
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Publisher Печатан в Московской типографии
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