Legal newspaper.1902, № 48 (July 11)

Legal newspaper: It turns out without prior censorship.- 1892, January 4 - [1906].-Sanct-Petersburg, 1892-1906.-"Legal Gazette" with a free application of a collection of decisions of criminal and civil departments and the general meeting of the Governing Senate, and from 1895 and the meetings of legal entities and orders of the government - went out in St. Petersburg from January 1892 to 1906, 2 times a week, on Sundays and Thursdays.Editors - E. Antonov, D. V. Chinadze, M. V. Chinadze.The newspaper materials were printed under the headings: legislative chronicle in Russia, an overview of the resolutions of domestic and foreign legislation, articles and notes on issues arising from judicial and administrative practice, correspondence from Russia, outstanding lawsuits, speech of famous lawyers.From № 6 1906 began to be published in the form of a brochure.An alphabetical indicator of articles for 1901: in No. 32 for December 30, 1901. - alphabetical pointer to the "Legal Gazette" for 1892 and 1893.- St. Petersburg, 1894. - Annexes: "Collection of criminal and civil cassation departments and the general meeting of the Government Senate" and "Assembly of Legisons and Government Orders.".1. Domestic serial and continuing editions (collection).2. Right - History - Russia - 2nd floor.19 - Nach.20 centuries.-- Periodicals.3. Newspapers - Russia - 19 - Nach.20 centuries ..BBK 67.3 (2) y51BBK 76.024.711.2 (2) y51Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: SPbSU1902, No. 48 (July 11).- 1902. -4 s.: Tab .. -Contains: Answers and explanations of the editors.Two legislation.A note about the examination of the accused in a state of mental abilities after legend to his court.Regarding the barcrojection reform.On the application of Art.167 p. 2 there.Tar.To parts of machines and devices intended for agricultural distillery, [et al.]..Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGB
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