Phonetics of the Russian and the Ancient Church-Slavic Language

Romanovich, Peter PavlovichPhonetics of the Russian and the ancient Church-Slavic language: (experience of elementary in. Theory of sounds named. Lang.): Ed.Novgorod.lips.Zemlightened land.Memory of the Equal-to-Apostle Properties of Slavs Kirill and Methodius (6 Apr. 1885) / P.P.Romanovich.- St. Petersburg: Type.Imp.Acad.Sciences, 1885. -X, 141 s.: heck.;24. -.I. Kirill (approx. 827-869).II.Methodius (approx. 815-885).III.Mosin, Mikhail Andreevi.Electronic Source: PB
Publisher тип. Имп. Акад. наук

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