Russian archive.G. 33. 1895. [Prince.2].6

Russian Archive: East Lit.Sat.: Ed.At the devils.b-ka.-Moscow, 1863-1917, 1990-.-Prob.for 1917 No. 2/3.Renewal.Since 1990.Publishing House: 1864 P. Bartenev and N. Kiselev;1865-1897, 1900-1912 P. Bartenev;1898-1899 P. and Yu. Bartenev;1913-1917 P. Bartenev (ml.);Ext.1 (1990) capital;Ext.2 (603) (1992) MGP "Rus. Archive".Subtit.: 1863 East Lit.Sat.Ed.At the devils.b-kka;1864 East Lit.Sat., dedicated.Mostly studies.Russia in the XVIII-XIX centuries.Ed.At the devils.b-kka;1865-1866 East Lit.Sat., ed.everywhere.ext.At the devils.b-ka and dedicated.Mostly studies.Russia in the XVII and XIX centuries;1867-1872 ed.At the devils.b-kka;1990 Russian.East.Journal..I. Chertkovskaya Library (Moscow) .1.Power (collection).Electronic copy source: PBPlace of storage of the original: RSPU them.A.I.HerzenG. 33. 1895. [Prince.2].6. - University type., 1895. - [148] p.Section.Pag .. -Content: Voronezh city of Korotoyak: (regarding its 250th birthday) / [so-out] L.M.Savelova.Peter the Great in the city of Kasimov (1722): Traditions recorded by A.P.Mansurov.Andrey Nikolaevich Muravyov in the last years of his life: Memoirs of M.O.Semenova.Letter A.N.Muravyov to A.P.Ozerov.From the memoirs of different persons about Nikolai Pavlovich and his time, [et al.].- Bibliogr.In the tuning.Note.And in the text..1. Power (collection).Electronic copy source: PBPlace of storage of the original: RSPU them.A.I.Herzen
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