Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library
(approved by order № 70 on May 30, 2019)

  1. The Academic Council is being formed as a deliberative body in the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library (hereinafter - the Presidential Library), according to its Charter. The Academic Council is guided by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws, acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, the Charter of the Presidential Library (provision 35), the current Regulation.


  1. The Academic Council assists the development of the Presidential Library, its cooperation with other institutions in the field of culture, science and education. The Academic Council is not a governing body of the Presidential Library.


  1. The Academic Council’s decisions are taken on issues of a conceptual, strategic, general nature and have a recommendatory value for the Presidential Library and institutions, the leaders of which are members of the Academic Council.


  1. The Academic Council's regulations and its membership are approved by the Director General of the Presidential Library, who is the chairman of the Academic Council. The Academic Council membership may include the chairman, deputy (deputies) chairman, members of the Academic Council and the Scientific Secretary.

The deputy (deputies) of the chairman of the Academic Council is the deputy (deputies) of the Director General the Presidential Library.

Membership in the Academic Council of heads of institutions and organizations of culture, science, education is established in consultation with them, carried out on the principles of voluntariness, publicity and independence in making decisions within the framework of the competencies of members of the Academic Council. Members of the Academic Council from among the employees of the Presidential Library are appointed by the Director General of the Presidential Library, taking into account their high academic qualifications.

The Scientific Secretary of the council is the Scientific Secretary of the Presidential Library.

            The Academic Council may include honorary members of the Academic Council.

According to the decision of the Academic Council, sections can be created in its structure on specific areas of activity of the Presidential Library or working groups on specific issues.


  1. The Academic Council's decisions are taken by a simple majority of votes of the members of the Academic Council participating in the meeting, and come into force after approval by the chairman of the Academic Council.


  1. The Academic Council's meetings are held at least once a year, and the participation of the members of the Academic Council can be provided through videoconferences and representative offices. The Chairman of the Academic Council approves the agenda of meetings, convenes and conducts meetings. On behalf of the chairman, his deputy may conduct the meeting.

The course of the meeting and the decisions taken by the Academic Council are recorded in the minutes of the meeting and through video recording. The protocol reflects the main provisions of the reports and speeches of the meeting participants; issues put to vote; voting results; decisions made by the Academic Council. The protocol is signed by the Chairman of the Academic Council and the Scientific Secretary.

The Presidential Library’s portal ( provides information on the composition of the Academic Council, upcoming and duly constituted meetings, decisions taken.


  1. The Academic Council regular work has been organized at the level of deputy heads of research institutions, academic secretaries and heads of information and library units and is provided through the adoption of agreed documents, through the creation and activity of specialists, expert groups and commissions, and other coordination and organizational structures.