The feeling of motherland in modern Russian poetry to be discussed at Presidential Library’s poetry readings

7 February 2023

On February 7 at 14:00 the Presidential Library will host poetry readings entitled “The Feeling of Motherland in Modern Russian Poetry”.

The word "motherland" from century to century adorned poetry, inspired speakers, sounded on the stage, and was carved on granite.

What is a sense of motherland for a modern person? The poet and culturologist Alla Pospelova will tell about the phenomenon of the "small motherland", about how "ancestral memory" can influence art in general and poetry in particular. The poet and translator German Vlasov will continue the theme. He will explain how poetic rhyme can act as a cultural link between generations of poets.

The loss of motherland responded with pain in the works of many poets. It is enough to recall the poems of Georgy Ivanov, Vladimir Nabokov, Ivan Bunin. The speech of Victor Kulle, a poet and literary critic, a researcher of the work of Joseph Brodsky, will be devoted to understanding the problem of the poet's "excommunication" from his motherland.

The well-known poet and literary critic Svetlana Kekova will express her point of view on the involvement of a person in the “spiritual motherland”.

In addition, all event participants will read their poems.

Poetry readings will be broadcast on the Presidential Library’s portal in Live broadcasts section in accordance with the program of live events, on the Rutube-channel of the institution, as well as on the page on the VKontakte social network.


Accreditation of media representatives is until 12:00 February 7, 2023.

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The letter should contain the full name, date and place of birth, passport data (series, number, place of registration), a list of carry-on equipment, contact phone numbers, the name of the media.

We draw the attention of the media representatives that it is necessary to forward applications for accreditation and arrive at the event in advance.

Entrance to the Presidential Library is carried out only by prior registration and upon showing a passport: for media representatives - through entrance № 2, participants and guests of the event - through entrance № 1.

In order to reduce the risks of the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the use of personal protective equipment during the event is mandatory for all attendees.