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International Events: Russia and Italy to hold the Cross Year of Museums in 2021-2022

19 February 2021
Source: Kultura.RF

In 2021–2022, Russia and Italy will hold the Cross Year of Museums. Russian cultural institutions will host numerous events devoted to Italian art.

Russian museums have already begun arrangements for the Italian Year. For example, in December 2020, the State Hermitage Museum opened the exhibition "After Raphael. 1520–2020", marking the 500th anniversary of the death of the Italian painter, author of the famous "Sistine Madonna".

As part of the Cross Year, in May, the State Hermitage Museum will launch another Italian exhibition - "Art of the Middle Ages between Tuscany and Umbria. A Journey of Masterpieces from the National Gallery of Umbria". Besides, Russia will host exhibitions of works by the Italian classic of the XX century Alberto Burri and graphics by Leonardo da Vinci from the collection of the National Library of Turin, as well as special displays of items from the museums of Bergamo and Brescia and other events.

Milan will hold the "Russian-Italian Museum Dialogue" - a big forum intended for the leaders of the museum community of both countries.