Regions of Russia: Preparations for the exhibition “Far East Street” within the Eastern Economic Forum continue in Vladivostok

2 August 2022
Source: RIA News

The reconstruction of pavilions of the exhibition Far East Street continues on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok. The exposition that was held during the Eastern Economic Forum in 2021 will open in an updated format in September, 2022 and will be available for everyone.

The solemn opening of the exhibition will be held at the Ajax Bay Embankment on September 5, on the day of the opening of the Eastern Economic Forum that will take place in Vladivostok from September 5-8, 2022. During the VII Eastern Economic Forum and the II International Tiger Forum the Street will be available for all guests of the event. On September 9-11, pavilions of the Far East Street will be open for all residents and guests of Primorye. It is planned to make the exhibition permanent in the future.

The exhibition aims at:

— demonstrating accomplishments, uniqueness of the culture, customs, cuisine of the regions of the Russian Far East, presenting the economic potential of the regions of the Russian Far East;

— strengthening economic and humanitarian relations with partner countries;

— tourism development.