On this day

Russian-American Convention concluded

17 April 1824

5 (17) April 1824 in St. Petersburg, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Count Karl Nesselrode, and the U.S. envoy Henry Middleton signed the first Russian-American Treaty (Russian-American Convention).

Anniversary of tragic events at Lena goldfields (“Lena Massacre”)

17 April 1912

4 (17) April 1912, during a strike at the fields of the Lena gold-mining partnership "Lenzoloto", located near the town of Bodaybo, Irkutsk Province, along the Lena River and its tributaries, Vitim and Olekma, government troops opened fire against the workers. The tragic events were made part of historical literature and nonfiction under the name "The Lena Massacre."