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FundRGIA F 577.The main redemption establishment of the Ministry of Finance 1861-1895Identifier8EF30AD5-FF5C-4840-A721-74C62A200F95Text languagerusNameThe main redemption institution of the Ministry of FinanceDates1861-1895Volume89587 Storage unitsOrganization52 OopsLevelFundannotationEstablished on October 27, 1861. In the course of the implementation of the peasant reform for the redemption operation of the redemption of the redemption from 19021861, to 02081862 g, under the St. Petersburg preserved treasury, then under the Ministry of Finance, under the control of the Council of State Credit Institutions, the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairsand two deputies from the nobility The main redemption institution issued permits for the issuance of loans on the redemption transactions considered and approved in peasant institutions with the participation of representatives of the financial administration, he managed the preparation of public five-percent banking tickets and evidence and delivering them to the provincial redemption institutions (until 01011884) for public five percentBanking tickets It took a circulation with the issuance of tickets on tickets, published on a circulation (up to 01011884) annually (until 15011885, from 1865 together with the Council of Peasant Institutions) The main redemption establishment of SostAVLALY REPORT ON OPERATION REPORT The main redemption establishment allowed the difficulties that arose when applying the redemption provision 19021861 and represented through a special office on the credit part for consideration by the Minister of those of which the permission of which exceeded the competence of the institution (from 22011882 The chairman of the main redemption institution directly reported to the MinisterReferral to reducing the census and acceleration of reform) with 1868 cases of observation of redemption payments, in particular the case on the general issues of translating peasants for redemption and drawing up reports on redemptions transferred to the Department of Fighting Fees In the main redemption institution, new projects and suggestions were consideredcarrying out a redemption;From 22011882 G from a special office on the credit part, consideration of cases of adding, changing and explaining the rules for the redemption regulations, on the compilation of instructions for government chambers from 01011884 in its jurisdiction, there were consideration and approval of redemption transactions and actsThe main redemption institution was operated by branches (I-VIII, X, separation of common deeds), the Office and Accounting) abolished from 0107 1895 with the transfer of functions by the Department of Broasting FeesThe fund presents cases of redemption of land plots by tempted peasants: Astrakhan lips (OP 1), Bessarabian lips (OP 2), Vilen lips (OP 3), Vitebsk lips (OP 4), Vladimir lips (OP 5), Vologda lips (OP 5)6), Voronezh lips (OP 7), Voronezh lips (OP 8), Vyatskaya lips (OP 9), Grodno lips (OD 10), Ekaterinoslav lips (OP 11), Kazan lips (OD 12), Kaluga lips (OP 13), Kiev lips (OP 14), Koven lips (OP 15), Kostroma lips (OP 16), Kursk lips (OP 17), Minsk lips (OP 18), Mogilev lips (OP 19), Moscow lips (OP 20), Nizhny Novgorod lips (OP 21), Novgorod lips (OP 22), Donorship area (OP 23), Olonetskaya lips (OP 24), Orenburg lips (OP 25), Oryol lips (OP 26), Penza lips (OP 27), Perm lips (OP 28), Podolskaya lips (OP 29), Poltava lips (OP 30), Pskov lips (OP 31), Ryazan lips (OP 32), Samara lips (OP 33), Saratov lips (OP 34),Petersburg lips (OP 35), symbirsk lips (OP 36), Smolensk lips (OP 37), Stavropol lips (op 38), Tauric lips (OP 39), Tambov lips (OP 40), Tver lips (OP 41), Tyflis lips (OP 42), Tula lips (OP 43), Ufa lips (OP 44), Kharkiv lips (OP 44)45), Kherson lips (OP 46), Chernihiv lips (OP 47), Yaroslavl lips (OP 48), the same, the terra lips (OP 49) the highest leaders;Correspondence of the chairman of the main redemption institution of MK Cememer with individuals on redemption operations - the materials of the office;cases of issuing redemption loans - materials I VIII, X offices;On redemption transactions, on keeping money on the payment of private debts - the materials of the branch of general cases of the accounting of accounting, statutory letters of the statement of redemption transactions for 1861-1895 (OP 50) of the service;demanding statements (OP 51) Magazines meetings of the main redemption institution;Vedomosti on allowed redemption transactions;Facial accounts for redemption payments;accounting calculations on redemption transactions;Cases about the stammers of the peasants;Detailed vocabulary on revolutions on loan operations (by provinces);Registration-reference apparatus (OP 52)FilmmerRussia Ministry of FinanceOrganization-creator recordingRGIAStorage cipherRGIA 577.NoteThe materials of the site "Russian State Historical Archive" site (http: // FGurgiaRU / Startdo)The case of the redemption of land plots by the temporal peasants of the NV Pereburov village of Volkovka Casimovsky district of the Ryazan province [Case]: January 9 - June 7, 1869 - 1869 -29 l;36.5x26 cm- (Foundation The main redemption establishment of the Ministry of Finance OPV number 32) -Orig Title Affairs: Case Perhurov NV Ryazan province Casimovsky County village Volkovka January 9, 1869 - 7 June 1869I Russia Ministry of Finance The main redemption institutionElectronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: RGIA F 577 OP 32 D 1077

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