... Consumer society

Ozers, Ivan Khristorovich (1869-1942).... consumer societies: historical.Essay of their development in Zap.Europe, America and Russia: a brief guide to the ground and maintenance requirement.O-in / s preface.prof.And Acad.I.I.Janjula.- 2nd ed., Meaningextra.and rear.-Sanct-Petersburg: S. Dorovatovsky and A. Charushnikov, 1899. - [2], 327 p.: Tab.;25 cm. -Before talked.Auth.: I. Ozerov.Bibliogr.: Index of literature: p.203-206..I. Janjul, Ivan Ivanovich (1846-1914) .1People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: SPbSU
Publisher С. Дороватовский и А. Чарушников

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