Textbook of Rodin Study for Schools of the West Siberian Training District

Sadelnikov, Alexander Nikitich (1876-1919).The textbook of the Rodinov studies for the schools of the West Siberian academic district: 1- / A.N. Sadelnikov, mentor of the Omsk teacher's seminary.- Omsk: Type.Omsk headquarters.v.OKR., 1916. - 27 cm. -Only 1st part came out..1. Territory (collection).2. The territory of Russia: Omsk region (collection).3. Siberia Western - geography - textbooks for high school.BBK 26.89 (253.3) y72Electronic copy source: Omsk GonblePlace of Storage Original: Omsk Gonble
Publisher Тип. Штаба Омск. в. окр.
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