Great Mini Chietia, collected by the All-Russian Metropolitan Makari

Great Mini Chietia, collected by the All-Russian Metropolitan Macarium: [Vol.1-16].- St. Petersburg: Edition of the Archaeographic Commission, 1868-1915.- 34 cm. - (Monuments of Slavic-Russian writing).-Editors: Vol.1-3 - P. I. Savvititov, Vol.5 - S. N. Palauzov and M. O. Kojavich, Vol.6 - M. O. Kojavich, Vol.9, h. I - N. P. Popov, Vol.10 - S. M. Sirotkin, Vol.11 - S. O. Dolgov.Edited 4.Headed S. N. Palauzov, no7 - V. Vasilyevsky;Vol.9, part 2 printed under the supervision of S. O. Dolgova;Vol.15 is prepared for printing B. A. Turaev and published under his supervision, vol.16 is prepared for print S. N. Northwane and published under his supervision.From 9 vol.The publication was printed in Moscow by Slavic font;The year of publication and pagination are marked with Old Slavic numbers.On the cover: monuments of Slavic-Russian writing, published by the archaeographic commission..I. Macarius (Metropolitan Moscow and All Russia; 1482-1563).II.Imperial Archaeographic Commission (St. Petersburg) .1People (collection).2. Synod in the history of Russian statehood (collection).3. Archaeographic Commission (Collection).4. Chetty Mini.BBK 86.372.24-574.3.Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: SPbSU
Publisher издание Археографической комиссии
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