Diary of the last campaign of Stephen Batory to Russia

Diary of the last campaign of Stephen Batory to Russia: (Osada Pskov): C 2 Fig./ Per.With floor.[And preface.] Action.cl.Pskov.Archaeol.O-Va O.N.Milevsky.- Pskov: ed.Pskov.Archaeol.O-BA, 1882. - [2], XVI, 262, 11 p., 2 liters.Il.;24 cm - -[The author of the "diary" according to one source was considered Stanislav Piotrovsky, on the other - his brother John Piotrovsky].Pp. 1-11 3rd Pag.: "Story about the attack on September 8. From the book of Heidnestein" De Bello Moscovitico, QUOD Stephanus Rex Poloniae Gessit, Commentariorum Libri VI ". - Stop ... from" Pskovsk.lips.Vedomosts. "- Ex.: no oblast.I. Milevsky, Orest Nikolaevich (1836-).II.Battoim, Stephen (Paul. King; 1533-1586).III.Piotrovsky, Stanislav.IV.Piotrovsky, John.1.People (collection).Electronic Source: PBOriginal Storage Place: SPbSU
Publisher Изд. Псков. археол. о-ва

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