A. Mickiewicz

Myakotin, Venedikt Aleksandrovich (1867-1937).
A. Mitskevich: His life and literature. Occupation: Биогр. essay V. Myakotin: With the portrait. Mickiewicz, grav. in Leipzig by Gedan. - St. Petersburg: type. or T. A. Tranchell, 1891. - [2], II, 6-93, [3] p., 1 liter. front. (portrait); 18 cm - (The Life of Remarkable People, Biographical Library of Florentia Pavlenkov). -
Bibliography. in the text. - Ex .: without obl., With rukop. litter.
I. Gedan. II. Mickiewicz, Adam (1798-1855) .1. The people (the collection).
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Publisher тип. и лит. А. Траншель

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