Collection published by the students of the Imperial University of St. Petersburg.Vol.1

Imperial St. Petersburg University.Collection published by the students of the Imperial University of St. Petersburg: Vol.1-3.- St. Petersburg, 1857-1866.-From the preface to the publication: "... to make known to the public works and translations of university students ... in the" Collection "are to be articles being placed on each of the four faculties of University of St. Petersburg: History and Philology, East, physico-mathematical and legal... ".In the preface quotes a letter from S. Aksakov, NI Pirogov.The editorial board of "Collection": Professor Associate Editor Sukhomlinov MI, editors, students of the faculty.1. The Imperial St. Petersburg University - Periodicals.2. The people (set).3. Domestic serials and serials (collection).4. Science - History - Russia - Periodicals.5. Scientific Journals - Russia.BBK 63.3 (2) ya52BBK 72 (2) ya52electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: RGSVol.1 - St. Petersburg: Typography II-nd Department of Own HIH Office, 1857. - [496] s.Sec.Pag.: Il .. -Part of the text in Latin.It contains also: Sigmund Baron Herberstein: his life and his importance as a writer on the Russian / essay candidates Korelkina IV and VI Grigorovich and student Novikov.The theory of the maximum and minimum values ​​of functions / composition student A. Korkin (drawing).Gulistan Saadi / student essay Yu Bogushevich.Study on the Novgorod Judicial Charter in 1471, in relation to legal proceedings, mainly civil / student essay F. Panov [and others].- References in the footnotes.- A copy of the RGO with handwritten litters..1. Herberstein, Sigismund (1486 - 1566).2. Gerbershtejn, Zygmunt (1486-1566)."Notes on Muscovite Affairs".3. Saadi (ca. 1203 -. 1292)."Gulistan".4. People (collection).5. Domestic serials and serials (collection).6. Rossika (collection).7. Novgorod Judicial Charter.8. Functions - Analysis.9. The scientific work of students - Collections.BBK 63.3 (2) ya43BBK 63.3 (0) ya43BBK 22.1 (2) g.ya43BBK 83.3 (0) = 521.31ya43electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: RGS
Publisher тип. II-го Отд. Соб. Е.И.В. Канцелярии
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