Presidential Library Discussed Present and Future of Russian Education

The Presidential Library discussed the present and future of Russian education: [news video] / Presidential Library; [author of offscreen text and editing director: MI Evseeva; installation: Yu. N. Furmanova, M. I. Evseeva; operators: A. P. Stanyakin, K. A. Kondrashov, N. N. Furmanova, M. I. Evseeva; the text reads: A. S. Khudyakova]. - Electronic data (1 video file). -Saint Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2018. -
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On March 30, 2018, the plenary session of the 9th St. Petersburg International Education Forum "Modern Education: New Reality" was held at the Presidential Library. The meeting was attended by members of the Government of the Russian Federation, heads of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Federal Service for Supervision in Education and Science, teachers, scientists, cultural and scientific figures. The main events of the forum were held on March 28-30, 2018. Representatives of 40 Russian regions and delegations from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and the Czech Republic took part in them. .
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