Urban volunteer of the "Last Mile" function at the FIFA 2018 FIFA World Cup match between Serbia and Switzerland (Kaliningrad, S...

Bulantseva, Daria
Urban volunteer for the Last Mile feature at the FIFA 2018 FIFA World Cup 2018 match between Serbia and Switzerland (Kaliningrad, Solnechniy bulvar): [photo] / photo by Darya Bulantseva. - Electronic data (1 file, JPEG: 0.9 MB). -Kaliningrad, 2018. -
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Photo information is provided by the Youth Center of the Kaliningrad Region.
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I. "Youth Center", the state budget institution of the Kaliningrad region.1. FIFA World Cup (21; 2018) - Photos. 2. Territory (collection). 3. Year volunteer (volunteer) in Russia (collection). 4. Youth - Volunteer activity - Kaliningrad region - Photographs. 5. Documentary photographs.
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Source of the electronic copy: GBU "Youth Center" (Kaliningrad region)
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