And we are looking for the Germans and dogs

And we are looking for Germans and dogs: a lively album with poems by Alla Aizensharf: [animated film] / artists worked on the film: Sasha Podmarkova, 11 years old, Anya Sokolova, 14 years old, Sonya Gassel, 8 years old [and others]; Speakers: Roma Vragov, 12 years old, Dasha Ermakova, 12 years old, Varya Krupysheva, 12 years old; with the support of adults: idea, artist: Natalya Vorontsova (St. Petersburg); idea, speaker, sound: Julia Moller (Petrozavodsk); composer, music: Elena Lanskaya (St. Petersburg); the head: Denis Meller (Petrozavodsk). - Electronic data (1 video file). -[St. Petersburg ; Petrozavodsk], 2019. -
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In the animated film, children read Alla Ayzensharf’s poems "revived" in the drawings of the pupils of the Simha art studio. Alla Ayzensharf (1936-2018) - a famous poetess, a member of the Writers' Union of Israel, a graduate of the Literary Institute of the Union of Writers of the USSR. During the Second World War, being a six-year-old girl, Alla Naumovna, along with her sister, was sent to the Braslav ghetto in Transnistria, then to the Bershad ghetto, from where they were liberated in March 1944 by the advancing forces of the Red Army .
I. Aizensharf, Alla Naumovna (1936-2018). Ii. Vorontsov, Natalia. Iii. Moller, Julia Pavlovna. Iv. Lanskaya, Elena Vadimovna. V. Möller, Denis Vladimirovich (1968-). Vi. Podmarkova, Alexander. VII. Sokolova, Anna. Viii. Gassel, Sophia. Ix. Enemies, Roman. X. Ermakova, Daria. Xi. Krupysheva, Varvara. Xii. "Simha", art studio (St. Petersburg) .1. The people (collection). 2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. The Second World War - The atrocities of the Nazi invaders over children - 1939 - 1945 - Multimedia publications. 4. The Second World War - in the visual arts - 1939 - 1945 - Multimedia publications. 5. World War II - in fiction - 1939 - 1945 - Multimedia publications.
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