Combine "Lighthouse". ChNPP. Consequences of nuclear disasters

Mastryukov, Alexander Anatolyevich (MD, colonel of medical service; 1946-).
Combine "Lighthouse". ChNPP. The consequences of nuclear disasters = Combine "Lighthouse". ChNPP. Consequences of nuclear disasters: scientific and journalistic monograph / A. A. Mastryukov, V. Nayda; St. Petersburg Regional Branch of the All-Russian Public Organization of Disabled Persons Chernobyl Union of Russia, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. - St. Petersburg, 2017. -567 p. : portr .. -
The authors are also in English: A. A. Mastryukov, V.G. Naida.
Bibliography: s. 533-548 (261 titles).
. -500 copies -ISBN 978-5-903722-13-6 .
I. Naida, Vasily Grigorievich (Candidate of Medical Sciences, Colonel of the Medical Service) .1. Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Pripyat, city; Ukraine) - Accident. 2. "Mayak", Production Association (Chelyabinsk-40) - Accident - 1957. 3. People (collection). 4. Territory (collection).
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ISBN 978-5-903722-13-6
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