Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater.M. Gorky.Cast actors

Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater.M. Gorky.Cast actors [Material: electronic resource]: [set of postcards] / artist R.V. Levitsky.- Electronic data (30 files, JPEG: 26.2 MB).- (St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2017).-Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.The title from the screen.The cover flap lists the cards included in the kit.The text on the inside of the cover is a fragment of an article by G. A. Tovstonogov "On the Theater" (L .: Art, 1982).Electronic reproduction of a set of postcards: Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater.M. Gorky.Actors cast [Izomaterial] / artist R.V. Levitsky.Moscow: Visual Arts, 1988. 16 postcards in the cover: color offset.4-775.54 cop.The circulation of 45,000 copies.The set is incomplete: 2 postcards with portraits of K. Yu. Lavrov and E. A. Lebedev are absent.Location: Children's Museum of Postcards, St. Petersburg.Contains postcards: O. V. Basilashvili;O. V. Volkova;V.P. Kovel;S. N. Kryuchkova;V. A. Kuznetsov;K. Yu. Lavrov;E. A. Lebedev;L.I. Malevannaya;V. A. Medvedev;L.V. Nevedomsky;M. A. Prizvan-Sokolov;B. S. Ryzhukhin;V. I. Strzhelchik;G. A. Tovstonogov;A. B. Freundlich;Z. M. Sharko.Copying by users is not permitted..I. Levitsky, Roman Vasilievich (artist; 1920-1991).II.Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1.Russian State Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater.G.A.Tovstonogova (St. Petersburg, city) - Postcard sets.2. Postcards in the collection of the Presidential Library (collection).3. Russia in persons (collection).4. The people (collection).5. Year of the theater in Russia (collection).6. Actors - History - Leningrad, the city - Sets of postcards.7. Actors in the visual arts - Postcard sets.8. Art postcards - USSR - 1945-1991.BBK 63.3 (2) 634-8a611BBK 85.334.3 (2) -8я611BBK 85.154.7 (2-2SPb) Я611Source of electronic copy: BOPLocation of the original: Children's Museum of Postcards
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