Coat of arms of the Republic of Karelia


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Republic of Karelia coat of arms [Izomaterial]: drawing.- 2000 -1 sheet: col .. - (The state symbols of the Russian Federation).-Republic of Karelia coat of arms approved by the Law of the Republic of Karelia on December 16, 2000 № 437-SAM "On the State Emblem of the Republic of Karelia".Republic of Karelia Coat of Arms is the official symbol of the state - the administrative status of the Republic of Karelia as a full subject of the Russian Federation.State coat Karelia is a rectangular rounded in the lower third, three equally crossed flowers Karelia state flag shield depicted thereon profile standing black bear.Golden shield frame becomes a stylized image of spruce from the left side and pine - on the right.The pommel shield is an eight-pointed star (double cross) of gold color.- Materials of the official Internet portal of the Republic of Karelia ( Power (collection).2. The area (collection).3. The territory of Russia: Karelia, Republic of (collection).4. The Republic of Karelia: the pages of history (collection).5. Emblems - Karelia, Republic of.BBK 63.3 (2Ros.Kar) ya6BBK 62.215 (2Ros.Kar) ya6electronic copy Source: Official web portal of the Republic of Karelia.Website
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