FN Chernyshev and degree measurements on Svalbard

Backlund, Oleg Oskarovich (geologist; 1878-1958).FN Chernyshev and degree measurements on Svalbard: Report OO Baklund, read in the meeting of the geography departments of mathematical and physical geography, dedicated to the memory FN Chernyshev.- [Petrograd 1914].-10 with .. -Reprint of the "Proceedings of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society."T. 50 1914, vol.8. - A copy BAN RAS: without cover sheet and the cover is described by the 1st p.text pages have double numbering..I. Russian geographical obschestvo.1.Chernyshev Theodosius Nikolaevich (1856 - 1914).2. Russian-Swedish expedition to measure the arc of the meridian in Svalbard.3. The area (collection).4. Russia - Norway: from the history of the relationship (the collection).5. People (collection).6. Russia in the people of (the collection).BBK 26.12 (41) A8electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: BAN RAS
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