Notification about the death at the front of Ivan Dmitrievich Popov


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on the front of the notice of the death of Ivan Dmitrievich Popov / NKO headquarters of the military unit number 00126 - [Belomorsk], April 2, 1943 -1 sheet of paper -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryNotification is printed on a typewriter, partiallyElectronic version (2 files, JPEG: 2,6 MB)users are not permitted to copy"Gr-ke Popova Evdokia Nikitichna Arkhangelsk region, Article Telekusha, North des dor, Transport street, house LPH inform you that your husband - Popov Ivan D., 1012 birthday - December 31, 1943 in a battle against the German-Finnish invaders killed for registrationpension social security authority vsylaem notification Appendix: notice Signed: Chief of the 4th Dep Staff / u number 00126 Major Kyurshunov assistant early-ka 4th branch Karmakuly "(author's spelling preserved) in the upper left corner of the stamp: NKO,The headquarters of the military unit number 00126, number 1047, April 2, 1943Name Eugenia Popova Nikitichny misspelled: Evdokia - Ivan D. Popov (1912-1942) - a veteran of World War II was born in 1912 in the village Kotovsky Koftolskogo village council, Nyandomsky District, the Arkhangelsk Region From 1930 to 1942 he worked in Shalakushskom lestranhoze trust Sevtransles, while he studied by correspondence at the Leningrad Forestry Academy SM Kirov Since 1938 - a managerial job in the apparatus Shalakushskogo lestranhoza, was the deputy Nyandomsky district Council of People's deputies (first convocation)In May 1942 he was appointed Head of Production and Technical Department of the trust "Sevtranles" took on a special railway accounting and was booked at December 31, 1942, but, despite this, he volunteered for the front Died December 31, 1942 in a battle against the German-Finnishinvaders place of death and burial is still unknown information provided granddaughter - Margarita Popova - Popov (nee Fedotova) Nikitichna Eugenia (1912-1965) - the wife of a veteran of World war II, Popov Ivan Dmitrievich After the death of thMs. spring of 1943, handed over all the household savings in the construction of the tank in the family archives preserved Government telegram "with gratitude Popova E N for the care of the armored forces of the Red Army", signed by StalinI Popov, Eugene Nikitichna (1912-1965) II Branch portion (00126) 1 Popov, John D. (1912-1942) - The documents and materials 2 Popov, Eugene Nikitichna (1912-1965) - The documents and materials 3 Memory of the Greatvictory (collection) 4 people (collection) in Russian 5 persons (collection) 6The Great Patriotic War - Casualties - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and MaterialsLBC 633 (2) 622yu1electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: From the private collection
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