state idea

Michelle HenryThe idea of ​​the state: Critical experience the history of social and political theories in France since the Revolution / Trans.with fr.P. Christmas;Ed.priv.-Assoc.Mosk.Univ A. Christmas.- Moscow: Type.T va IDIDSytin, 1909. -XXIV, 802 [2], .. - (for self, published edited by A. Belkin, Prof. VIVernadsky Library, ND Vinogradova et al; 31.).-Grearu devoted to Octave, a member of the French.Acad.and Acad.moral and footnotes.Note .. - Copy .: no region, with Manuscript..litter..I. Grear, Octave.II.Christmas, A .. III.Christmas, P..1.The area (collection).2. Power (collection).electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: NB MSU
Publisher Тип. Т-ва И.Д. Сытина