Bologov Alexander

Bologov, Alexander (1932-2019)Bologov Alexander: [video interview / interviewed Tatiana Kotova;author of the project, the operator and editor Tatiana Lihomanova;Mauki "CLS" Pskov g], Central City Library - Pskov, March 28, 2014 video -1 (497.5 Mb) - (Media project "winners"; [No. 3]) -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryTitle screenOn the cover frames: Central City Library is the city of Pskov winners media project for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pskov from the fascist invaders Bologov AlexanderDuration: 44 min 43Bologov Alexander (1932 - 2019) was born in Orel in the family of railway workers He spent his childhood in occupied Nazi troops Eagle In 1955, after graduating from Marine College worked minder tug, a mechanic on board ships of the auxiliary fleet, he sailed in northern waters, and later taughtMurmansk Nautical school in Murmansk, in the youth newspaper, had published his first story in 1963 came to Pskov graduated from the philological Faculty of Leningrad state University in Pskov for several years worked as a teacher of literature at the secondary school № 8, then moved to the Pskov branch of the publishing house "Lenizdat"- the editor of the first book of Alexander Bologova" If the stars are lit, "published in 1972 in Leningrad in Lenizdat in 1973, after the release of the book" If the stars are lit "and the novel" A hundred thirteen, "published in the magazine" Youth ", he wasadmitted to the Union of Soviet writers publishing House Lenizdat a Bologov spent eight years (1969 to 1977);there came the first major book on the Pskov land, "unconquered land Pskov", "Pskov Region in the history of the USSR" and other books "Last smell of pine," "Clouds of those years," "How far into the heart," "Favorites" came out in two volumesthe publishing house "Contemporary";publishing house "Soviet Russia" has published a book "One Day in the Sun" collectors "Mouth" (1981), "The blue shores" (1982, 1983), "Links" (1988), "Yesterday and today the twentieth century Anthology Pskov literature" (2001), "bumpkin" (2002, 2003, 2011) and other Laureate of the Union of the RSFSR writers' Prize, more than 20 years, was elected executive secretary of the Pskov regional branch of the Russian Union of writersI Kotov, Tatiana Vsevolodovna Lihomanova II, III Tatiana centralized library system (Pskov) IV Central City library (Pskov) 1 people (set) 2 memory of Great Victory (collection)electronic copy Source: CBS g PskovThe storage location of the original: CBG g Pskov
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