Postmodern: philosophical reflection and artistic style

Afanasyeva, Tatiana (culturologist).Postmodern: philosophical reflection and artistic style: the thesis abstract on competition of a scientific degree of candidate of philosophical sciences: specialty 24.00.01 - Theory and history of culture / Afanasyeva Tatiana;[A protection Place: Belgorod State National Research University].- Belgorod, 2019. -23 p.;21. -Bibliography: p.21-23 (25 names)..-100 copies..I. Belgorod State National Research universitet.1.People (collection).2. Postmodernism (Philosophy.) - Abstracts of dissertations.3. Theory and History of Culture.4. Abstract.BBK 71.1ya031BBK 85.03 (2) 6-022.60ya031BBK 87.3 (2) 6-786ya031electronic copy Source: HSE "BSU".Website
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