The team, without which ...

The team, without which ... [video clip] / worked on the film: Vladimir Yefimov, Maksim Kartashov, Silence Barbara.- [Der.Vartemyagi, Leningrad]: Studio animation movie "Vartemyagi" MBOU to "DDYUT Vsevolozhsk district", 2018. -1 video.-Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title screen.On the front frame: MGOU to "DDYUT Vsevolozhsk district," studio and film animation "Vartemyagi".Heads of Silence MA, Silence GVDuration: 7 min 44 s.A video dedicated team Fire and Rescue Service MO "Agalatovskoe rural settlement" of Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region.The film was made of children's parties and movie animation studio "Vartemyagi" MBOU to "DDYUT Vsevolozhsk district."I. Efimov, Vladimir Dmitrievich.II.Kartashov, Maxim.III.Silence, Varvara.1.People (collection).2. Fire protection - Vsevolozhsk district (Leningrad region) - Video clips.BBK 68.923ya04electronic copy Source: Palace of children's youthful creativity Vsevolozhsk districtThe storage location of the original: Children's Youth Creativity Palace Vsevolozhsk district
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