Color virtue

The color of virtues: [Manuscript] / Publishing in everything corrected from Musdransago Ambrose Gradenic Hegumen of the Booker of the Holy Mark Printed again in Venice 1675 from Nikolai Glike from Yanin;On the Russian selection of Grechinggago in St. Petersburg on 1733 to 30 days of the State Foreign College by Translator Stepan Pisarev.- [B.m., 17-- in.].-61 l.;4 °.-Title manuscripts on l.1: The book is referred to as the color, virtues useful for a Christian to decorate a thoughtless of every age Christian.Instance of the library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (R. O. Inv. No. 4063) on the top cover of binding with the sticker: Alex. Svir.Monastery 98, on a sheet glued to the inside of the upper cover of the binding, with a handwritten litter: Al.-Svir.Mont.№ 98. - Viktorov A. E. Ways of handwritten assembly in the books of northern Russia.St. Petersburg., 1890. P. 187. No. 47.Manuscript of the XVIII century, written by a rapist on a 61 sheet.Binding from fine cardboard.The root is lost.Information about the manuscript is given according to the collection of the collection of Alexander-Svir Monastery of Ban, prepared by M. N. Murzanova.I. Gradenich, Amvrosiy.II.Pisarev, Stepan Ivanovich (translator; 1707-1775).III.Murzanova, Maria Nikolaevna (1893-1981).IV.The Russian Academy of Sciences.Library (St. Petersburg) .1.Holy Trinity Alexander-Svir monastery (Lodeynoye Field, city; Leningrad region).Library - History.2. Russian (collection).3. Virtues of Christian.4. Spiritual and moral reading.5. Russian manuscripts - 18 V ..BBK 86.37-4Electronic Source: PBPlace of Storage Original: Bd Russian Academy of Sciences
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