Marshal Victory Govorov

Marshal Victory Give: [Documentary] / Director-Director: Vyacheslav Serkhez;Script Authors: Sergey Pankin, Vyacheslav Serkhez;Director: Nikolai Orlov - [Saint Petersburg]: ANO "Education", 2020 -1 video file (52 min 37 s): CV, ZV -Access Mode: Internet Portal of the Presidential LibraryTitle from the screenOn Title Frames: Autonomous Non-Profit Organization for the Development of Culture Development, Scientific Popular Cinema, Education Enlightenment With the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg, represents Marshal Victory VictoryCopy users are not allowedDocumentary film "Marshal Victory Govorov" is dedicated to the hero of the Soviet Union Leonid Alexandrovich Govorov, who was often called "our Leningrad Marshal" since June 1942 and until the end of the war he was the commander of the Leningrad Front's troops, led the breakthrough operations, and then on the full removal of the Leningrad blockadeThe film of the director Vyacheslav Serkuz talks about the legendary person who participated in the Civil, Soviet-Finnish and Great Patriotic War, having passed the way from the Junior Morty Battery officer to Marshal of the Soviet Union: who never changed his life principles, which is a sample of the Soviet commander, the Higher CavallerThe USSR military awards - the Order of "Victory" The focus in the film was made on the peculiarities of the formation and manifestations in the difficult conditions of the time of the personal qualities and organizational abilities of Leonida Govanov, his relationship with relatives, friends, friends, combat comrades, as well as with the leadership of the country and personally- with a gennerAlissimus Joseph Stalin Kinokarttina includes the elements of the newsreel, the show of unique materials (awards, photographs, personal belongings), interviews of the family of the Govorovsky and comrades of one of the most effective leaders of the Red Army filming took place in places related to the life of Leonida Govanov Kinogroup visited His Motherland -In the village of Butyrka, the Kirov region, met with people who keep the memory of Marshal in Elabuga, Simferopol, Vyborg, Moscow and other citiesI Serchez, Vyacheslav Iosifovich (1968-) II Orlov, Nikolai III Pankin, Sergey4690 IV Education, autonomous non-profit organization for the development of culture, popular science cinema, education (St. Petersburg) 1 Govorov, Leonid Aleksandrovich (1897 - 1955) 2 people(Collection) 3 Memory of the Great Victory (Collection) 4Leningrad blocade - 1941 - 1944 - Multimedia editions 5 Historical documentariesBBK 633 (2) 53-8BBK 633 (2) 622.1-8BBK 633 (2) 632.1-8Electronic Source: Ano "Enlightenment"Place of Storage Original: PB
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